A Tour of the Dumbest Multi-Million Dollar Car Collection In the World!
Hoovies Garage
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  • Bens Campers
    Bens Campers

    I love that Hoovie is always honest about himself and puts everything out there with no reservations

  • Sedan57Chevy

    Hoovie is basically me in Forza, Gran Turismo or GTA Online. "Ooh, that car's cool, I'll buy one."

  • fumes des péterds
    fumes des péterds

    I love how genuine this guy is, admitting it’s a stupid investment and is just for fun, recognising most car youtubers are trust fund kids or have a scam businesses on the side

  • Mahdi Rageef
    Mahdi Rageef

    “All these cars been paid by ITmores views” i like how this guy is honest lmaooo

  • Elias Garson
    Elias Garson

    Stradman: owns 4 really nice cars

  • Idle

    Tyler: Stores cars on a fancy car lift

  • Jay Milligan
    Jay Milligan

    Lol Confirmed, Tyler drives around listening to his theme song.

  • Conza

    With all due respect to Jay Leno's Garage, this is the show I wanted that to be, it's a great show Tyler, thank you, I hope you enjoy making it for many years, we enjoy watching it!

  • 300DBenz

    Hoovie: “Welcome to the dumbest automotive channel on ITmores.”

  • Thoar003

    So these are technically our cars.... Mind if i take the mustang for a spin??

  • DarthFN

    Awwe. Your grandmother sounded like an AWESOME person. Someone with that kind of car obviously has some class.

  • Sherman Rodriguez
    Sherman Rodriguez

    I like this guy He's honest about where his money come from doesn't try to make it appear as if he's some high roller and he even admits to the insanity of it all I can relate to it on a Walmart level

  • Chuck Talley
    Chuck Talley

    The Vampire routine the Car Wizard was doing to the BMW was absolutely hilarious, The Wizard sure has come a long way from his awkwardness when he first appeared on camera!

  • Better With Rum
    Better With Rum

    Tyler is like an old school Morman, but instead of wives, he collects cars...

  • lawnmowerdude

    My favorite thing about this channel is when you buy beater cars that are worth slightly more than scrap and put the money into them to make them what they once were. Kind of brings a tear to my eye.

  • C Greenfield
    C Greenfield

    Man, that last shot is definitely life goals material. Way to go Hoov, you definitely earned it.

  • Ryukachoo

    "wait, hoovie had a grand wagoneer?"

  • Josiah Hein
    Josiah Hein

    Tyler keeps 2 shops in business solely with all his hoopties 😂😂😂

  • ragnarocking

    You have to appreciate how much money he pumps into his local car community through Hooptie repairs and mods. Particularly during a pandemic. Pretty selfless, if you ask me.

  • Sas J
    Sas J

    Tyler, thank you for the funny content! I allways like to watch your videos at see how you and your team of mechanics rescue these cool cars.