All of my Lamborghinis are PERMANENTLY BROKEN, and that's totally normal. The Car Wizard GIVES UP???
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  • Wrench Every Day
    Wrench Every Day

    You are forgetting, Tavarish has activated the cheat code for the Murciélago, it can't set a trouble light if it only sits in a museum

  • DirtyD23 1
    DirtyD23 1

    That’s the sign of having a good mechanic when they know their limits of what they can do and knows when to throw in the towel. A lot of mechanics would be happy to keep tearing the car apart looking over everything all while billing you the entire time and most likely still wouldn’t find the noise. Respect to Wizard for being a great mechanic and for treating his customers fair. I just wish there were more mechanics like him.

  • Muskoka Mike
    Muskoka Mike


  • Pat McRotch
    Pat McRotch

    Your "moan" could be in the cooling system as a result of an edie current within the passages at a specific RPM. I've know some dirt track cars with a secondary radiator in the passenger compartment to develop a "hum" while at certain engine speeds. It's probably a flow resonance issue, it depends on how annoying it is to you to want it gone or not.

  • Syed

    "I'm not that tall, 6ft2"

  • Rowbin94

    The Wizard has truly made it now that his shop has been blessed with the Murano CrossCabriolet. The sheer beauty outshines all of the other supercars in the shop.

  • Kyle S
    Kyle S

    I love that he forgot to edit out the redos, caught me off guard at first but shows you how much effort goes into making everything sound exactly the way he wants

  • John Plummer
    John Plummer

    It's simply a valve body, and it doesn't have to be in the location of the sound. The sound will resonate to be where it escapes the mass of the engine

  • Salvador Ernesto Martinez
    Salvador Ernesto Martinez

    I absolutely loved that Hoovie left the clips as he recorded… him trying to say it over and over and over is very nice. Do it, nobody else that I watch is doing it.

  • Salem Techsperts
    Salem Techsperts


  • Blake Tindle
    Blake Tindle

    The Countach is absolutely worth it! It’s a reliable vintage supercar. It only has leaks and a dead battery because you let it sit for months!

  • Jan Oude Grote Bevelsborg
    Jan Oude Grote Bevelsborg

    @carwizard, the sound could be an interference frequency from a sheetmetal part. If the engine is operating at a certain rpm and a chassispart has it’s own frequency in the same range it could start vibrating. I have had this experience in my past with steel contructions as well. For example when operating a vibratory screen at 16 Hz we have to take care at designing sheetmetal panels too big. I have seen supportbeams moving 1/2” just by this sound. I have seen a complete building working as a bass.

  • James F
    James F

    What better way to praise an NSX than to say it was rather boring because it didn't break as compared to more expensive cars burning themselves to the ground.

  • Whu Dhat
    Whu Dhat

    I feel so proud to have been here for the whole line up listed, remember you teaching the kid to drive stick in the nsx, and thinking you were crazy for throwing cash on top of the 355 trade but after you showing all the "trade ups" it lead to made it totally justified

  • ZGryphon

    "This is a car from 1989, not 1960." Keep in mind, though, it's from late in the Countach's production run. It's really a car from 1974, and the prototype was unveiled in 1971. (Heck, if you want to chase it back even farther, the basic body shape comes from the Lancia Stratos Zero concept, which was... what? 1969?) NIH data on immigrants to the US in 1970 suggests that the average Italian male born circa 1950 was around 5'6" as a young adult, so... there you go. (Yeah, I actually researched that. It's a slow Friday afternoon. :)

  • Michael James
    Michael James

    Hoovie: "I absolutely love this car, it's amazing, I love driving it!"

  • Dailydriver

    This video just made me smile so much because I know I was here for all of that. Tyler is like that friend who does dumb stuff and you just watch them and life vicariously through them

  • hollywood fats
    hollywood fats

    wizard is a highly skilled artisan with strong principles. he is what we all wish for but only very rarely get

  • RogerM

    The Lamborghini Huracán is like the Corolla of super cars. Very reliable. But then it wouldn't produce as much as content or allow the Wizard to buy a bigger yacht.

  • Jared Garlock
    Jared Garlock

    With cars that require a lot of maintenance it is job security for the Wizard and content security for you. It is a win win no matter what kind of car it is.