Here's Everything That's Broken on My Bargain Rolls Royce Phantom
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  • Gary Crispin
    Gary Crispin

    You know what I'm most jealous of? Not the money that he has. Not the cars that he has. No, I'm jealous that Hoovie has "a guy". I want a mechanic like that where I can take him anything and he'll fix it and I don't have to worry that he'll screw me.

  • NCSUFutbol 2000
    NCSUFutbol 2000

    The noise you're hearing from your window regulator is the cable crunching in the gears, it'll eventually snap if you use it too much. I'd recommend buying a window regulator from a Town car or some other land yach for $40 and just redrilling the holes to match the holes in your rolls Royce window where the rivets go. $4000 for a regulator is crazy considering it probably cost $10 for them to make.

  • lifeintaiwan

    Good luck!! I’m nervous for you but it will turn out great! I watched all the ads to do my little bit for you! Hahha

  • R3TR0

    Genius strategy: buy a cheap Rolls Royce that will likely need repairs, make a variety of enjoyable videos documenting the repairs, make the money back from ad revenues to cover your costs. This man this smart.

  • jdm1066

    For the original asking price it should go 200,000 miles and 20 years with no issues. For it to need that much work that quickly is just insane.

  • Jacob

    You wouldn’t think a car with so little tech could break so much. I would love to see Lexus take over Rolls Royce. Rolls Royces would actually hold their value

  • Simon Zielonka
    Simon Zielonka

    Air suspension is typical BMW and Range Rover of that era. Accumulator fault is because compressor is not delivering requested air volume in the stated time. Replace the compressor, clear the fault and all will be well (from an ex L322 Range Rover owner).

  • Black Terminal
    Black Terminal

    Keep the wheels just remove all the rest of the missing silver pieces and clean out the glue residue. I think the wheels will look fine that way. Fit standard tyres and keep a can of spray filler in the trunk or a spare. A autoglass repairer should be able to fit standard mirror glass for you. The fancy autodip heating mirrors are not worth replacing unless money is no option. Standard glass is fine. Before you replace door regulators check the mechanism is clean and well lubricated.

  • Daniel Anthony
    Daniel Anthony

    Keep em coming hoovie! You need to be cherning that content out to pay for this bad boy ands its inevitable bazillion dollar maintenance / repair costs. Very entertaining stuff!!

  • Casey Todd
    Casey Todd

    The fact that this car was made and sold at the price point that it was when new, and is now in this condition with less than 50k miles on it, should be criminal.

  • Rob

    So after seeing it start rising on the lift, I feel that the only appropriate course of action is to put some jacked-up suspension and even bigger wheels on it. You get something unique, and don't have to pay the Rolls premium for wheels.

  • Shatners Toupee
    Shatners Toupee

    I’m going to subscribe to your channel bud. You’re going to need it.

  • Elevated Entropy
    Elevated Entropy

    The issue with the screen must be because it rotates, the connecting cable must have been twisted many times and is shorting out, I would bet a new cable would fix it

  • VanisleNSX

    It's crazy that Rolls Royce builds their vehicles to such a crazy spec yet their dependability and build quality is still soooo poor. Yet, today if you purchased a 2005 Toyota with 48,000 miles it would be considered barely "broken in" and EVERYTHING would still work on it without a doubt. I guess that's why they would call that comparison "apples to oranges".....

  • LAsparkTV Wire&Test Limited
    LAsparkTV Wire&Test Limited

    Love the concept, made me smile after a day of frustration. Brought back fond memories of my own first car - an old Rolls Royce that needed a brake system and hydraulic suspension fix but all the parts were available and cheap at INTROCAR in Norbiton. Good luck!!

  • Istalriify

    It amazes me that something that's seen so little use seems to be relatively falling apart. My Buick from the GM-not-good-years that shuttled my family around and now drives me all over the place has fewer issues. Sure, wear parts fail on a 16 year-old car, but I don't have a single button, switch, or otherwise that doesn't work like new. I hope newer Rolls don't suck this badly.

  • El Ac
    El Ac

    Whoa! Seeing this and your Bentley video make me question everything I ever thought I knew about cars and whether I'd ever want to own one again; truly amazing content.

  • rj2011g

    I feel like I paid 80k for the car and went through everything too. Great videos!

  • CTP 1111
    CTP 1111

    hold your windows down button for around 15 seconds then hold the up button for like another 15 seconds and let it click a bunch it should reset the position and save you lots of money :)

  • bob lacks
    bob lacks

    Remember that the price of a new Phantom is well over $500,000, so Tyler paid only about 15% of the cost of a new Phantom that looks pretty much the same as this old one.