Here's everything that's BROKEN on my Ferrari 458 (and why it was so CHEAP)
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  • Hoovies Garage
    Hoovies Garage

    New Hoovie's Garage $5 keychains and A FIRE NEW SHIRT STYLE!

  • Tom Lauda
    Tom Lauda

    Rear tray is a must. Even at factory ride height, it's still a very low car, and there's many sensitives parts that could easily be damaged and worth way over the price of that tray. But even with the cost of this part, you made the deal of the century ! It makes no sense to me not to replace it. Also, full annual service. Again, you made the deal of the century, treat it well, and you will enjoy it for years.

  • WthaHatchet

    Congrats man! I would definitely spend the money on the belly pan. It makes the car much more stable, channels the air to the rear splitter, allows the car to not be a parachute in the back. Not to mention it definitely makes it more sellable later. With all the money saved already and its benefits its worth it and you can actually put it on yourself man! I wouldnt wanna hit something and it come up in the engine bay either such as an animal, something from another car or just a stick etc.

  • Blake Tindle
    Blake Tindle

    Definitely gonna regret not getting the engine cover pan when you scrape and destroy the flywheel and oil cooler going over a bump! Also you can already see what’s happening to the fuel tanks!

  • Richard Segal
    Richard Segal

    If it has an exposed flywheel and you need to raise the ride height to avoid damage, a cover seems like a good idea

  • Louis Jones
    Louis Jones

    After dumping tens of thousands of dollars into beater cars I can't believe the decision's been made to cheap out on a 458. It deserves better. And it definitely needs a bellypan, annual maintenance, and fiberglass repair at the bare minimum. Disappointed.

  • Ankit Singh
    Ankit Singh

    I think fixing everything except dropping the engine for those fuel tanks was worth it. This car has always been an icon, God knows what state it's fluids and it's serviceable components are in.

  • stustler68

    You definitely need the engine cover pan. This shouldn't even be a debate, especially with the oil cooler lines, gas tanks etc exposed. Surely you were just busting the Wizards balls on this one.

  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza

    Annual service and rear tray should definitely be a must. Please take care of this 😭

  • Jester

    C'mon Hoovie, do the full service and the tray, - at least the tray. All it's gonna take is one big stone flicking up into the flywheel to grenade your engine. You really gonna save $2500 now only to spend the $15,000+ for an engine out and a flywheel replacement, as well as whatever other damage it's caused? You've already got a huge dent in the fuel tank from not having the tray on. You really wanna chance it again? Maybe the fuel tank won't be so lucky next time.

  • wurstgewehr

    I could live with a dent in the tank but the missing engine cover and broken diffusor should be fixed. I mean they do protect the car and improve it a lot aerodynamically.

  • Andy San-Man
    Andy San-Man

    Wild idea with the Diablo… could it be some kind of grounding/voltage issue making it’s way to a speaker in the cabin? If the RPM changes also make a change to the frequency of the sound, the charge put out by alternator may be causing it?

  • erik unscio
    erik unscio

    Engine cover its a must! Come on man you're treating the 458 same as last owner did! Rocks will chip your flywheel, oil pan, fuel tank.. its not worthed to cheaped out that

  • jcrbama

    What's crazy is that a cabin air filter for the 458 is $50 on Amazon. Someone had a six figure car and didn't want to spend $50. That blows my mind.

  • AndyG

    This particular car is the epitome of "I can't afford this car" (the previous owner) and reminds me of all those Mercedes and BMW drivers I see rolling down the street rocking spare tires and taped up windows because they cant afford the maintenance... gotta look rich though!

  • Brian Estrada
    Brian Estrada

    This is the most I’ve ever seen Hoovie cheap out on a car 😂😂😂

  • Gavin Plunkett
    Gavin Plunkett

    Really enjoyed your video, great find. I would definitely replace the battery and also the body pan at the rear. The pan stops the rear bumper and difuser being torn off, plus it protects the exposed fly wheel. Also I think a body shop could pull out the fuel tank dent, like a paintless dent repair. Enjoy your channel, one of the best on ITmores.

  • johnkilo3

    I wouldn't have thought Hoovie would cheap out so much on it. I know it's salvage title but with a little more work it seems like it could be in pretty nice condition. I hope you get rid of those black badges and stuff, too.

  • Dream_Asylum

    At this point, I have to assume that Hoovie keeps buying shit "sight unseen" with no inspection because he makes more money off getting screwed and complaining about it than by actually buying decent vehicles and flipping them when he's done with them.

  • Spud Murphy
    Spud Murphy

    Never thought I’d see the day when hoovie totally cheaps out on a Ferrari in the wrong way, at the very least get the underbody engine cover put on, it’s madness not to