Here's Everything the Porsche Dealer Found Broken On the Cheapest 911 *THEY FAILED*
Hoovies Garage
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  • Hoovies Garage
    Hoovies Garage

    Savage Scotty? I'm so going to miss those fancy parties!

  • James

    The dealer lowballed the estimate to get hoovie to agree to the repair, then they would add the other repairs while in the shop and push the job to 10grand or more!

  • hak1985org

    It’s called integrity Tyler. Sometimes the “pay off” just isn’t worth it and you need to do the right thing by yourself AND your viewers. You did the right thing here. They’re probably not a “bad” as in malicious dealer but they are not doing the level of job that the public would expect and people need to know that-both the customers and the dealer so the customers know what to expect and the dealer knows what to correct.

  • GroovyDude127 Official
    GroovyDude127 Official

    I really like how you put everything in one video, a lot of youtubers would split both inspections into separate videos

  • pegrathwol

    A good and honest mechanic is worth his weight in gold. Every car guy should take the time to develop a solid relationship with one. And they're out there! Typically not found in a dealership though.

  • Channel 1 Texas
    Channel 1 Texas

    Props to standing up and keeping your dignity Hoovie! Sounds like this group either won't be in business much longer or will get gobbled up by Penske or AutoNation.

  • PapaHonore

    Sorry for your loss Hoovie, you seem like a genuinely good guy and the product of a good family. May your lovely grandmother rest in peace buddy

  • FixDriveRideFly

    There is so much value in finding a mechanic you trust, that can talk to you about the issues.

  • Max Derinskiy
    Max Derinskiy

    I don’t trust dealer repairs anymore. Took my work van to a Chevy dealer once to get some stuff done. After I drove out of the service parking lot the van wouldn’t shift into 3rd gear. Turned around (drove like 500 feet), went into the office and they told me I have to schedule an appointment and pay $150 up front JUST for diagnostics. Long story short went to private mechanic apparently they disconnected a transmission sensor and acted like they didn’t know anything.

  • ✔️ YOLO NYC by Eric David (watch my channel!)
    ✔️ YOLO NYC by Eric David (watch my channel!)

    BMW of Manhattan did the exact same thing to me when I initially got my V12 760li and took it in for their analysis - their estimate of repairs was $12,400! Local shop fixed everything for a couple grand.

  • Pavel Zhogin
    Pavel Zhogin

    I hope more fine mechanics like this one is out there for the enthusiasts who care and love their cars! Keep it up and thx guys!

  • yavin99

    I've worked as a auto tech for a long time and I can tell you theres techs that only mention things that are broke that they can or want to fix if its not worth their time they might blow you off.

  • vliduu zeeb
    vliduu zeeb

    Moral of the story: Use dealership only for warranty work, For all other services find a reputed indy shop

  • Raymond

    I really like when bigger ITmoresrs are giving honest information. Hoovie could have been paid to say that dealer was amazing. But since hoovie is an honest man and won’t lie to his viewers he did the right thing. Wish more people did this........

  • polvipetteri

    Thanks for the great, educational video. I have noticed the same things with the local Porsche dealer. Those parts are quite often ”rare” and not in the warehouse right now and naturally have to be ordered outboard. Which was expensive. The situation suddenly changed when another company started offering Porsche parts and maintenance.

  • Galen Middlebrooks
    Galen Middlebrooks

    Great video! Dealer pricing and quality of service has gotten so out of hand! They easily will charge double for service with no additional benefit. I’m now all about finding a good independent mechanic and sticking with them.

  • Shubhransh Jamwal
    Shubhransh Jamwal

    My deepest condolences to you Tyler

  • CheckThisOut77

    Dude, just drop the top and enjoy your ride as is. A convertible on a great day is a joy ride no matter what the car. The Wizard is on top of his game. This guy is a gem!

  • Nick Wilczynski
    Nick Wilczynski

    Bottom line: find a good independent mechanic you can trust. I am SO glad I did that a few years back. Best decision going forward with my cars.

  • Aussie As.
    Aussie As.

    I like when smart Hoovie shows up from time to time. We all know he’s no fool.