Here's Why BMW V8 Engines Are JUNK! Cheapest Alpina B7 Teardown
Hoovies Garage
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  • Rustafwa

    Highly recomend M539 Restoration. This guy is working on a B7 and is a joy to watch

  • Carde Carde
    Carde Carde

    That remarkable little guy runs a clean garage and does not chit chat. He just methodically tears down imports and puts them back together while silently reciting bolt torque patterns from Haynes manuals like it is poetry.

  • Uzi Panti
    Uzi Panti

    Hoovie < M539 Restoration everything hoovie has complained about, m539 has restored to near brand new condition by himself and tested topspeed at the autobahn. Now that deserves your views

  • nuclear_potato

    how to remove a BMW engine:

  • Hagbard Celine
    Hagbard Celine

    There's a reason that a 100K car costs 3K after a little over a decade.

  • Endsleigh Place
    Endsleigh Place

    Ok. According to M539 Restorations there should be nails in this engine. Where are the nails???

  • outlanderzg

    This guy is so humble and nice. And most important a magician mechanic. Hope to see him more on your channel

  • Nick M
    Nick M

    What a great video.

  • jeff James
    jeff James

    I worked on BMW s in the mid,late 70's. Nothing has changed. A collection of seriously impressive parts all held together by the cheapest WPOS connectors and seals.

  • Claude V.
    Claude V.

    I own a 1995 M3 and its been very reliable.Depends on how you maintain them. I am planning an LS+T56 swap in the near future even though the S50 still runs strong.

  • N V
    N V

    Tech time for the job: 20-30 hrs.

  • James Campbell
    James Campbell

    My late production M62 4.4 V8 (August 2003 X5) has over 220k miles. Still has original timing chain guides and valve guide seals. No oil burning issues at all.

  • tacjam1

    BMW probably designed those seals to start leaking right about when the warranty runs out.

  • kamikazei

    Great vid. Can't wait to see more of the build-up and return to driving it! Keep up the great work, Hoovie. Love the channel.

  • Danny Balboa
    Danny Balboa

    The 6 cylinder engines are good. I've owned an E46 330Ci, E60 M5, E60 550i, and E89 Z4 sdrive35i, and I can say the E46 and E89 6 cylinder engines were the most worry free and I actually enjoyed my weekend drives without any breakdowns

  • Dr Johnson Hungwell
    Dr Johnson Hungwell

    You'd think they'd put durable valve stem seals in from the factory but it's a common problem on modern cars especially the early 4.6 Ford engines

  • Norbert Paul Vossiek
    Norbert Paul Vossiek

    Do not expect a fully functioning 7-series if you spend an amount which wouldn't even cover the value of a set of Alpina rims in good condition...

  • David Lanham
    David Lanham

    Wow, thanks for the warning! I kept seeing cheap BMWs, too, and I'm glad I didn't buy one. I would walk away from that bs if a mechanic told me he had to do all that.

  • MerkinMuffly

    Hoovie, the Jeff Goldblum of cars.

  • BrianYYH

    I used to work in the service department of a BMW dealer. I saw a lot of maintenance horror stories with E60 M5’s and F01 7 series. Surprisingly the F13 M6’s were pretty reliable.