Here's Why the 90's Toyota Camry Live Forever
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  • mistermatsuda

    My father purchased a new Camry in 07, said it was going to be his last car he buys. He was right - he just past in Dec. '18 at 91 yrs. old. I have the car now and it only has 34k miles. Love it and will keep it as long as possible in memory of my beloved father. RIP Dad.

  • John Buie
    John Buie

    I bought my Camry new in 92. Still have it 28 years later. Still has original engine and transmission. It currently has over 550,000 miles on it. Great car!

  • HonJazzz

    Trust me, I’ve tried. These cars will live on forever!

  • AdamG1983

    When Thanos snapped his fingers, all the Toyotas on the planet laughed and kept on going

  • mgiurgeu

    i bought a new Camry in 1998. The salesman seemed surprised when I told him that I plan to keep it 15 - 20 years. I'm still driving it today, it runs really great (362k km)

  • Adam USMC
    Adam USMC

    I had a '94 we inherited from my wife's late grandmother when we were 18. We had to give it up when I got stationed in North Carolina (We are from Cali) and it had about 320k miles on it, still felt brand new. The only thing we had to replace was the oil, spark plugs, coolant, and ATF as designated by the owners manual. If only all cars were that reliable.

  • Bill C
    Bill C

    I had a 92 Toyota Corolla, lasted me for over 300k miles, never needed any major work. My ex sold it for $500 because she wanted to upgrade when I was in the military overseas. Once she let the car go I let her go.

  • Jeltip

    Someone at my job has a 95 Camry with 450,000 miles on it and she says it’s still Running fine with no issues.

  • darylkizer

    Love the old Camry's. Supremely comfortable, reliable, and cheap. Bought mine well-used for $4k, it's got 280k kms currently and shows no sign of wearing out. I'm actually trying to replace it but can't find a newer car I like as much!

  • P71 JOSH
    P71 JOSH

    I bought a 96 Camry V6 XLE with 193,000 miles for only $1,200 and there are no issues, no damage, and it still runs smooth. The only thing I had to fix so far was a power steering leak

  • hyperfujis

    im 19 and i just bought my first car recently, a 1999 camry. car's older than me and runs flawlessly, all thats wrong with the car are minor fixable cosmetic issues

  • Steven M
    Steven M

    This Toyota Camry was my very first car. I purchased it for $3500 in 2003 and kept it until 2007. In 4 years, I replaced the break pads, the radiator, the starter and all of them, within the 1st year. I spent the rest of the time mechanic free. It was a great car.

  • Chaz Fisher
    Chaz Fisher

    I'm 17, living on the east coast U.S. and my first car is a 96 camry v6 champagne colored. Every time I drive to school kids use the car as a way to criticize me, and someone even had the courage to key my car. This video hits the nail on the head in my opinion. My car inside and out is cleaner than all other new cars I see my peers drive, and handles decently. I bought it for 2k with 115k on it, put new tires on, got an alignment, and replaced the ac compressor (died after I bought it) costing about 700 to fix. Now I have a super comfy low miled car that will last me for a long time. Just drove it to myrtle with 4 people and stuff and did it with no issues, and now the ac freezes everyone out in 100 degree weather. At almost 140k and love it.

  • Paul West
    Paul West

    Love my 99 Camry V6 -- great, great car. Only 150K, AC still blows ice cold. Gets 350 miles on a full tank. Starts right up, hauls ass, smooth, quiet ride. Runs like clock. The vehicle is 21 years old and will outlast and almost outperform every other newer car on the road.

  • hairystyles42

    I LOVE THIS GEN, I'll always have a place in my heart for this model. The 90s celicas also shared this engine and last just as long. Mine has 298k and is fine.

  • Charlie Hawkins
    Charlie Hawkins

    When my mustang died on me I bought my grandmothers 2001 Camry for $750, put 35k miles on it, and sold it for $1000 with 397,500 miles on it.... not even a check engine light

  • OzFromOhio

    Been daily driving a 92 Camry 2.2L for the last 10 years, 282k Miles and still running strong!

  • Ricko Alvarado
    Ricko Alvarado

    My Camry is from 1993 and has lasted so long I’m in highschool and runs great. In fact before I was able to drive my mom bought and never used it so it sat for almost 2 years on the sun and when we came back to give it a try it turned perfectly. The only thing is that the paint is very rusted and the windows don’t work but it runs so fast still I love it and I’m 16

  • Nutz4Gunz45

    Toyota mechanic here, these engines are bulletproof. Just keep an eye on oil leaks from the oil pump(front, bottom of the engine behind the crank pulley). After 20-25 years the o-ring and shaft seal on the pumps turn hard and crack then begin to leak. Even if its not leaking you should change it next time you do the timing belt since 90% of the job is removing the timing belt. Be sure to replace both the shaft seal and o-ring, not just the o-ring.

  • spikerbrad23

    I had one for my first car. Paid $1000 for it. It really was an amazingly built vehicle. It was simple and solid, it just worked.