Here's Why the BMW i8 Is Depreciating Rapidly
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  • baller

    Like most bmws lately... its not depreciating greatly, it was overpriced to begin with.... its falling to its proper price

  • Clifford

    "In 2 years, you should be able to snag one for $50k."

  • CrazyChemistPL

    To me this car has one huge appeal - it is the best looking BMW of recent times.

  • Ranger90

    Hoovie: "the i8 never was worth its original asking price"

  • CPLCraft Drives
    CPLCraft Drives

    Tyler is the type of guy to buy an I8 with a busted battery after its warranty expires and show it off to Doug.

  • Rudy Tanelo Ruxy
    Rudy Tanelo Ruxy

    They do look amazing on the road. Ive seen one with tasteful aftermarket wheels and big tires with white lettering in NYC and nothing else on the road looked like it. I looks very cool and looks like the future. driving next to it for 20 minutes i noticed all other cars looked plain and outdated compared to it. Not saying its good or bad but it has an amazing futuristic look.

  • BigE Hauben
    BigE Hauben

    Imagine how many I8 owners have no idea the noise comes through the speakers

  • Real Eyes Realise Real Lies
    Real Eyes Realise Real Lies

    I absolutely loved this car when it launched. Everything from the technology to the design was stunning. I like everything except the doors, totally unpractical, especially when you live in a city, parking is impossible you gotta worry about the doors hitting the curb, just stupid.

  • Christian W
    Christian W

    I've had the pleasure of extensively riding in two BMW i8s and these are very impressive cars. Yeah, the engine sound is partially fake, but aside from that the 3-cylinder turbo is very impressive from a refinement point of view. When the driver slams the pedal the engine response also appears to be instantaneous and you are forcibly pushed deep into the hard leather seats.

  • life, and us.
    life, and us.

    The styling sells this car, it's gorgeous.

  • Jesse Peng
    Jesse Peng

    Being an i8 owner myself, I honestly think the i8 is the most misunderstood car of all time. It is not a supercar, it’s a stylish and technologically advanced GT that gives you sports car performance and a SHIT LOAD of MPG. If you buy it for it is, you’ll love it. And yes I didn’t lease I bought my i8 and I’m taking the depreciation hit every single day, but I love it as a daily driver, it drives well and it is a LOT more comfortable than what people give it credit for.

  • KariIzumi1

    This is absolutely true. Penske Auto Group was offering an employee discount to the tune of $500 a month leases on these, which is about as much as a 5 series lease usually STARTS at.

  • Red Bricks
    Red Bricks

    Parked like a true BMW driver...

  • Son TV
    Son TV

    Your videos get better and better. Keep up the good work Tyler!!

  • Be Low Below
    Be Low Below


  • andromeda

    This is one of my favorite cars,and i hope this cars price goes down to point where its comparable to other cars in its segment.

  • J Stevenson
    J Stevenson

    Great video, I see youve stepped up the production quality and I absolutely love it. Keep up the good work

  • Antony Griffiths
    Antony Griffiths

    I always believed the i8 should’ve been a full time EV with a small diesel gas turbine motor that operates as a recharging source for the batteries. It should’ve been an AWD EV with more powerful electric motors that would’ve bridged the Grand Tourer and Supercar classes of vehicles - GT accommodation and Supercar performance. The 3 cylinder turbo petrol hybrid configuration was a mistake, but, it looks great!

  • Shoebullah Syed
    Shoebullah Syed

    In few years.

  • Ingle Ringlet-Snipps 3rd
    Ingle Ringlet-Snipps 3rd

    This might be a very sought after collector's car someday. A lot of classic cars that command big money today were not appreciated when they were first sold as new. Plymouth SuperBird, Ford Thunderbolt, etc.