Here's Why this $15,000 Hyundai Equus Is More Luxurious Than My Rolls-Royce Phantom
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  • Zarif Sadiq
    Zarif Sadiq

    He made this whole video to justify buying a Hyundai for his fiancee while driving a Rolls Royce himself. haha well played sir, well played.

  • Siska Tan
    Siska Tan

    I love my Equus - bought it new in 2014 and 6 years later still love it! It’s very smooth and soundproof 😂 the only bad thing so far when you break something it cost you more than a thousand $$ to replace it , other than that it’s a pleasure driving it every day to work 😀 - I don’t have the massage chair though 🤔 didn’t know the ultimate came with that

  • O&A Fan Videos
    O&A Fan Videos

    This depreciated from $70k to $15k. A similarly equipped S class or 7 series would have gone from around $150k to $30k, and a Maybach would have lost several Equus in value over that same period, so I don't see any problems here. Great value and the G90 has a much better looking exterior finally.

  • Mega

    Hoovie: “Not meant for performance”

  • Story Teller
    Story Teller

    I have liked the Equus since the first time I saw one. I had seen it driving in the opposite direction and almost ran off the road looking at it. Then when I was in my way home saw it parked near a local diner and went in to find its owner and and get some info on the car. He was nice enough to open it up and took me for a ride. Then I definitely wanted one. But upon hearing the price immediately cancel the thought if owning one. lol But now... NOW... I might actually be able to own one. $15k you say. I'll be hunting for one now. Or maybe a Genesis if they ride as nice as the Equus. Great video. Thanks for the info and tour.

  • YouknowmeOUdo

    I saw one of these at the dealer and took it home for the weekend. It was the most impressive luxury car I have been in with the most options, and yes I've been in Bentleys and Rolls Royce.

  • WatchJRGo

    I was so pumped when you bought this... ultimate luxury and plenty of power for the price of a new Civic. 🥂💰

  • H

    I absolutely love that car. And at 15K, it's a steal. I'm not much into some of the features, like the backseats controls or the massage items, but I like a car to be comfortable and not too big but with enough space for its passengers and luggage. I love its lines and curves, along with its semi-classic looks. I'd trade my 2012 Audi A4 for this one any day.

  • hartsickdisciple

    I got in an Equus at a car show a few years ago. I was blown away by it. The interior put all the BMWs and Mercedes at the show to shame.

  • Chris Shuptar
    Chris Shuptar

    Bought my 2015 Equus Ultimate about 4 years ago. It was in mint condition and only had 25,000 miles.

  • Charles Pinson
    Charles Pinson

    Hello, I was introduced to the Equus during my deployment in Korea. I fell in love with this vehicle. However, in Korea they offer a limo version that has an extra 8-10 inches at the B pillar. This added bit of space makes the rear right passenger seat a bit more comfortable for even an American. Thank you for this review, but I’ll stick with the Phantom.

  • Kingnole

    Hoovie, love the channel. I'm curious whether you know if the Equus is a reliable car? I would consider getting one. But the last thing I need is to dump $2k into a new (fill in expensive car part here) three months after I buy it. Thanks.

  • Timothy Harrison
    Timothy Harrison

    Oddly, my father started buying Hyundais new every two years back in the late nineties. He'd only put a few thousand miles on it and trade for another. His last one was a 2006 Azera Limited Ultra. He couldn't wait to show off all the neat little gizmos to me. In August 2008 he called me up and asked if I wanted to have it, no strings. He had bought a Toyota truck. I flew from Kansas and picked it up in NC. It was the last time I saw my dad alive. He died the next month. I still have the Azera. It's my daily driver. It only has 78K miles. Totally reliable car that changed my mind about Hyundai quality. I'll probably drive it until it fails. I purchased a 2014 Tucson for my wife. She loves it for driving around Wichita. I have loved the Genesis/Equus line since their debut. They really need an SUV.

  • edwong3

    I remember a few months back, I was leaving a restaurant and seen one of these parked in the lot. At first, I thought it was a Mercedes and then I seen the Equus badge. As soon as I got home, I did a search on the internet and found out who made it. I was amazed. Truly a practical luxury car that offers a lot of "bang for the buck".

  • louididdy

    You’re one of my favorites. Your style doesn’t try to be spectacular, you know the stuff and you present yourself well. Keep up the good work.

  • MechnTech Beau
    MechnTech Beau

    I have a 2013 Ultimate and I have to say I love the hell out of it.


    Definetly a real nice looking car, I'm just wondering how reliable and mechanically sound they are?????

  • Joe Wallis
    Joe Wallis

    As the owner of a 2013 Equus Ultimate, I have to say, thank you for this video. It has been a riot to show my friends.

  • SoppyBottomBoys

    Probably the best car to use for Uber.

  • Lincolnator

    I like both cars. The rolls looks retro. I wish Lincoln would've kept their early 1970s lincoln continental design around and modernized it