Here's Why You Should NEVER EVER Buy a Cheap Used Range Rover
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  • Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central
    Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central

    NEVER BUY AN OLD RANGE ROVER! Btw, here's my old Range Rover.

  • bushmanpm

    I'm an Englishman who has been driving Land Rovers products for over twenty years and can honestly say there is no place more comfortable to be....

  • Mandoziz

    OMG that old gold one used to be ours! My husband resurrected it from the dead, replacing pretty much everything. He keeps records of everything ever done to the car, hence the stack of papers that came with it. He sold it to a guy in Andover who your buddy bought it from. If you ever want to sell it back to us we'd buy it back. My husband wishes he had never sold it. Seriously.

  • Straya Shark
    Straya Shark

    Having watched a number of videos on Land Rover’s, I think one video about Land Rover as a company summed it up really well. Therefore, I have the follow summary to share for consideration. Apologies for the length but I hope this makes sense.

  • SDM Podcast
    SDM Podcast

    This is the kind of thing I would purposely buy even knowing the consequences 😂

  • Amere Mortal
    Amere Mortal

    I almost bought a 2010 LR4, then I watched this video and went ahead and bought it.

  • Maksym Potseluiko
    Maksym Potseluiko

    Hoovie - the cheap guy

  • dieselpwr782

    I’ve had many rovers, I think I bought them all non drivable but after a few over exaggerated issues were repaired they worked well for us. I just sold a LR disco 2 with 211k miles that ran and drove great with no check lights and working ace system. My wife’s old 97 was a very dependable machine, only replaced it with an H2 because because I needed something with more power for pulling when I wasn’t using the gmc 3500. I’m sure I’ll by more LR/RR in the future.

  • BilboBinSaggin

    The 2006-2008 models were actually quite reliable, they had Jaguar engines(made by ford). But I agree with everything else you said about them. The models I talked about are pretty much the only exception

  • Bill Martin
    Bill Martin

    I love my Range Rover. I have had both models featured here in Australian specification and with a diesel engine and they have been incredibly reliable. They do need yearly maintenance, which costs about AUD$1000 as they are complex. However mine has taken the family almost around Australia, through the Murray River (and out the other side) and to the snowfields and back plus tows our 30 foot long trailerable yacht as well as launching and retrieving it. Whilst the examples in the video are not good, they haven't been looked after either and so they are broken. Fixable but currently broken and that is the past owners fault, not the original product.

  • Robert Bimpson-Gates
    Robert Bimpson-Gates

    Tyler, I've been looking through your videos and enjoying your content, all the while trying to come up with a car I'd buy in your situation. You've nailed it. Honestly can't think of any more. You've successfully put me off buying a cheap bmw e65 for sale locally, also given a stark reality of e31 well done. You live out what we'd all do as car fans, browsing the classifieds and wondering what would happen if I bought this and that. Now we know. Keep up the good work bud.

  • roodboy606

    I always see people my age driving old range rovers and I think how badass it would be to own one. Then I remember watching this video.

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith

    Remember if there isn't any oil under them there isn't any oil in them.

  • kensmithmail

    I agree with you not to buy a range Rover after 1996 as there are too many electronics to deal with but the older classic range rovers are fairly simple to work on, an exhaust gasket will cost about 10 dollars and a steering box about 200, tidy up the bodywork for about 1000 and 50c to fix the front grill on, that's a lot less than a new one at 100,000 dollars that will also go wrong after a few years, same old story, order vehicles are easier to fix and more reliable, this is why so many relatively newer vehicles are being crushed at a young age, be smart and drive and maintain a good classic and the resale value will go up instead of down.

  • Harry Ballzack
    Harry Ballzack

    Love how you buy these cars and show exactly how expensive the are to repair. The ups and downs and like the RR the ones to absolutely avoid.

  • Meeks1

    I had a 2000 disco and I miss it. I was able to work on it myself. First thing you need to do is get under the hood and remove all the plastic cooling parts and replace them with good rubber hoses. Most of them bust a line and overheat because people don’t know you need to bleed the cooling system when serving. 2nd get rid of the air ride. The thing was a beast off-road.

  • Black Terminal
    Black Terminal

    I was feeling sad and this video totally cheered me up. Thank you Hoovie. Thank you for the laughs.

  • Kaden Goddard
    Kaden Goddard

    My brother just got his first car a few months ago. A 1995 Land Rover discovery. So far it’s been perfectly fine the only thing it’s needed is a new water pump because the original one finally broke when it got to 260,000kms on it.

  • MerkinMuffly

    I have contained my rage for as long as possible, but I shall unleash my fury upon you like the crashing of a thousand waves! Begone, vile man! Begone from me! A starter car? This car is a finisher car! A transporter of gods! The golden god! I am untethered, and my rage knows no bounds!

  • Lister Dave
    Lister Dave

    I'm somewhat mystified by this issue of unreliability of Land Rovers and especially Range Rovers. I've owned a second hand 1998 Discovery TD300 for 15 years and a 2005 TD6 for the past three years and haven't had any particular issues except for the one time when the clutch mechanism broke on the discovery, that when it was 15 years old.