How I got SCAMMED (again) buying a cheap Audi R8 for my wife
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  • Andrew K
    Andrew K

    A typical day for Tyler: drives his Diablo to go check on the R8, then takes his Ferrari to pick up the ML 63. Ignore for a moment (really, just a moment) that every one of them is an unreliable, money-eating, problem-laden basket case, and this man is living THE LIFE! 😁😁😁

  • Randy Bourdon
    Randy Bourdon

    The car is a Christmas present for his wife, Tyler just didn’t say what Christmas that would be.

  • Craig Schnagl
    Craig Schnagl

    Getting scammed makes good content. Also, that auto detailer does good work.

  • Wayne Lutwiniak
    Wayne Lutwiniak

    The ability to rev an engine from under the hood is something I really miss about older vehicles.

  • J K
    J K

    I think that moan is coming from the throwout bearing. I noticed the moan would go away when you pushed the clutch pedal in. It's definitely in the driveline somewhere and to me, it only makes sense that if it goes away when you push the clutch pedal in that it's either the clutch or throwout bearing. It could also be a pilot bearing.

  • donnie darko
    donnie darko

    30 years ago my old man spent $5,000 to fix a rattle every time he went around a corner in his Benz, turned out to be a golf ball stuck in the seat track 😂

  • Tyrone Shoelaces
    Tyrone Shoelaces

    I'm 62 years old, and I have to say that Hoovie keeps me entertained from the start to the end of his video's. I have made it a point that when the bell shows that Hoovie has a new upload, I turn on the teapot, get all settled with a couple of cookies and then sit back and relax while viewing the content, then I hit the like button and leave a comment.... lol

  • nick hodges
    nick hodges

    Buys a 15k dollar exhaust to fix a problem and fails, he says oh well.... 22K for an entire engine for his wife's car... Oh no... that would be horrible.

  • James Hough
    James Hough

    What I have learned about Audi R8s from ITmores: "It's an ultra-reliable I'm going to half-ass mod it until it never runs right again."

  • Joyce of Driving
    Joyce of Driving

    I am so glad Tyler buys all these cars that I personally have always wanted, I get to enjoy all the noises and visuals without all the $$$$ problems. You have changed my mind on wanting these cars, thanks for the entertainment!!

  • Daniel Koerner
    Daniel Koerner

    Hoovie: "Is that an Italian weld there?" Wizard: touches weld, "Yes the welder's name was Giuseppe."

  • hitardo

    Thank you for your honesty, right at the end, Tyler.

  • light dot
    light dot

    That exhaust really doesn't sound very good for being $15k

  • Jack Watkins
    Jack Watkins

    Yes we know you are good either way when you sell a car. Profit or loss, Tyler still comes out looking like a Sad Sack. Thanks Hoovie you keep quashing my dreams of buying an exotic car at a cheap price, but you have saved my marriage, retirement and my sanity.

  • Francisco D’Anconia
    Francisco D’Anconia

    Me to my daughter thinking about buying a $4k 2006 330ci: “Get a PPI from the BMW dealer first”

  • Marcel Hollis
    Marcel Hollis

    I appreciate the honesty - Crap car makes good content. We watch the episode. You get paid for the ads. No BS about how much you love your viewers, or some existential reason for why you do this. It's fun and it pays.

  • Peter and snowy
    Peter and snowy

    The Diablo looks so comfortable to drive. The seating arrangement and the way it shifts just to look flawless the really looks like a great driver's car

  • Patrick Curtis
    Patrick Curtis

    Don’t stop what you are doing Tyler! You make great content and we are all happy to have you crusading for us! Viva la Hoopties!

  • Chadwick Wallace
    Chadwick Wallace

    I’m going to call it now, “I LS swapped my wife’s R8” is coming in the next few weeks 😂

  • jimbarbwe1985

    I like the Audi guy, he has a good way of explaining things.👍