I Bought a Cheap 996 Porsche 911 Turbo-- And Here's Why You Should Too
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  • MaxSpeedMike

    Hoovie you are single handily destroying chances of us buying great cars at high depreciation rates.

  • Piotr

    Front on Turbo doesn't really look that bad. I kinda like it.

  • Dean Winchester
    Dean Winchester

    Hoovie personally put the Wizard's kids through college lol

  • John Gromskie
    John Gromskie

    I worked for an auto auction in 2005 and drove this same car through the block, it sold for $72,000 and on the back road leading to the parking lot I floored it at 5 MPH I was instantly thrown back in the seat, my head hit the headrest my heart was pounding then I ran out of road as the first gear limiter kicked in around 60 MPH...

  • Cody Miller
    Cody Miller

    I’ll admit, I’m definitely not a Porsche enthusiast, but to me the 911 has basically looked the same since day one. Because I think they all look basically the same, I’ve always thought the 996 was an attractive car.

  • K A
    K A

    Such a beautiful car. That color, wheels and window tints flow together in great synchrony.

  • The Weekend Driver
    The Weekend Driver

    This is my favorite 911 turbo actually. I love the headlights and tail lights no matter what people say.

  • AnimalzyNL

    How can you hate this? I love the 996, and yours is a beautiful looking example!

  • Jon Murdock
    Jon Murdock

    One of the best looking cars ever made imo.The exterior still looks fresh to me but I'm not into the older interior in these.The newer 911 turbo interior is great though.

  • iea

    Those wheels are gorgeous

  • Bruce Chastain
    Bruce Chastain

    I haven't been tainted with Porsche fandom, so to me the front end actually looks very good.

  • James David Walley
    James David Walley

    For most of us, "adulting," when it comes to getting a car, does NOT involving buying a $36,000 Porsche via an online auction while surfing the Internet just to kill time…

  • Grünkohlaktionär

    For me, the 996 ist THE 911. I grew up with this and I think it still looks pretty good

  • P Matos
    P Matos

    Hoovie, finally a very smart move! The 996 Turbo is, in my book, the best 911 available. Very fast, very very reliable and the best value for money any car can offer today.

  • Automotive Underdogs
    Automotive Underdogs

    Sweet buy I've had mine for nearly 2 years awesome car and you can get great power gains for relatively cheap just upgrade the clutch when you do as I've gone through 2! Keep the videos up on this car!

  • The Sound of Speed
    The Sound of Speed

    I absolutely LOVE my 996tt. Even better with 700+whp! Great video, you really hit all the high points of buying a 996tt, I had the exact same thoughts when I bought mine in 2015. Enjoy it! Subscribed to see some more videos!

  • bazzle592

    That car is awesome tbh. I love the look, the wheels, the interior, everything. Even those headlights. They're just not that bad.

  • Oscar Caruso
    Oscar Caruso

    I love that no one loves this phenomenal vehicle 💪🏻 Looks great and handles great!

  • Dyna Myk
    Dyna Myk


  • Ale aLe JaNdRo
    Ale aLe JaNdRo

    I've always loved the 996 Porsches ❤ didnt really know at the time they were the 996 body 😂 being so young knowing they were manual they have such a unique look 😍😶 would so buy one and upgrade it slightly for the fun and enjoyment maybe after college but the 991 are so killer⚠️