I Bought a Cheap Toyota Prius-- with a DEAD Hybrid battery
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  • Dareel RCA
    Dareel RCA

    Bro I literally just bought a 2008 for $300 they thought the hybrid battery was dead but it was the regular battery. Score! Lol

  • Dan Tyler
    Dan Tyler

    I had a 2007 Prius, gave it to my son, who still drives it.

  • ngenius2

    I always enjoyed the look on the faces of other drivers, (seen through my rear view mirror), as I smoked them taking off from a stop light. The low-end torque of a Prius is definitely surprising. Zero to 35 pretty quick. Past 35...not so much....

  • Julie Hupp
    Julie Hupp

    Love my 2002 Prius!!! We replaced that battery I. September 2017 when it had 350k miles on it. I am currently at 359k total mileage. Still getting 36mpg.

  • Fearbleeds

    I used to hate Prius and think they were ugly as hell, but we went on vacation to California and our friend let us borrow his for a week. At the end I ended up really liking the car,, it was very spacious and comfortable for the size of it, I was very surprised. Super quiet too

  • Aro Caitlin
    Aro Caitlin

    Currently shopping for a used Prius and I laughed so damn hard at “impressive show of brute strength” - thank you for making my day lighter. My mood is way better than before!

  • Hugo Fernandes
    Hugo Fernandes

    Tyler now has officially the biggest balls around the automotive youtube community for defending the Prius! Congrats to him.

  • Jody Leder
    Jody Leder

    I'm your typical car enthusiast - and I've been holding on to my dad's just purchased '08 Prius for two weeks.

  • Christian Swensen
    Christian Swensen

    I have wondered what the impact on mileage would be if a second full battery was installed in parallel, basically doubling the storage and discharge capacity. This rebuild kit might make that more feasible.

  • Jenn Miller
    Jenn Miller

    I just sold my 2007 with 270k miles on it, the hybrid battery somehow still fully charges no problem and has never been touched before! It was an absolutely AMAZING car, never broke down and the only thing that was replaced aside from maintenance was the catalytic converter, and it wasn’t even out. Once you get a prius, it’s so hard to give up that gas mileage and reliability, so I bought a 2017!

  • Michael

    I own a 2006 Prius, and its transmission failed, so it CAN happen :). At $7k, I SHOULD have totalled it out then. Great to know about the alternatives to replacing hybrid battery @ dealer as I ate that one about a year back too.

  • Pavel Chumak
    Pavel Chumak

    Current 2004 Prius has 251k miles on it. Everything works: radio, AC, nav, vents, heat, etc. Paid $2300 for it, and put over 40k on it already. Only maintenance has been: wheel bearing, pcv valve, spark plugs and oil changes. Drove it to Colorado and back with no issues. Amazing car. Best vehicle I've ever owned.

  • Raceraddictted

    Toyota is magic, they somehow make cars that just... Work, they last forever, it's insane. Totally understand why he respects the Prius.

  • Sarcon

    Even after removing the plug, there are still powered up capacitors. You must wait at least 10 minutes before touching it, giving you time to take out the seats and panels. After that if you touch the contact wires to the cells without rubber gloves, you will die. Only after removing the wires can individual cells be handled.

  • The Dan Age
    The Dan Age

    This makes you the ultimate car guy in my books, being a car guy means appreciating and understanding all cars even if it's a Lada

  • Alex W.
    Alex W.

    Just got my partner an 05 with 200k and a new battery pack. We’re IN LOVE! Super cheap fill ups and it’s a great road tripper.

  • James Aragon
    James Aragon

    I actually like that version of the Prius the best. Even thought the amazing techy options of the time can seem dated today. What did you do with the old cells?

  • Lee Smart
    Lee Smart

    As a mechanic shop owner and driver of a Prius I can say spot on. Especially the "car people will hate me" speech.

  • Neeraj Tulsian
    Neeraj Tulsian

    Excellent presentation with humor to make it interesting.

  • athletejmv

    ...truly great cars. They have a strong following and I'd love to see this platform continue to succeed and develop further.