I bought a Chevy SSR, the DUMBEST pickup truck ever made, and it was TOTALED BECAUSE OF THIS???
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  • Tim Rhudy
    Tim Rhudy

    How many times will Tyler call it “HHR”?

  • The Shawn Official
    The Shawn Official

    I think the SSR came about as a result of a board meeting where no one went home until everyone agreed, so they just used everyone's idea. That's how we ended up with a pick up truck sports car hard top convertible with retro design.

  • Edward H
    Edward H

    I’m not ashamed to admit that I really liked these things when they came out and honestly I wouldn’t mind having one now. They just haven’t reach hooptie-enough status for my bank account

  • Lexus Lfa Jonas
    Lexus Lfa Jonas

    I genuinely like the SSR. It might be odd, but sometimes it is cool when companies go balls to the wall to get something extremely silly out.

  • Momo Royale
    Momo Royale

    might be controversial, but the ssr is imo one of the sleekest designed cars exterior-wise cuz it was curvy and everything fit into each other. The front curve extends into lines at the bed and slowly curves back down, the overly dramatisized fender flares that look like it was from older hot rod-ish trucks but they merge well into the front and back without sticking out too much and causing weird lines, the headlights and tailights were flush and complimented the circular theme, the grille with the chrome stripe which went straight through the front and right where you want it and the bed isn't too long or short. The proportions are nice and tight, and I think if the interior is upgraded and a few more design aspects were changed, it would've been a perfect car/ute/truck.

  • Engir

    I think if they had sold these for around $20,000 and called it an "El Camino" it would have done good and had a longer run. I do not mind the power issue I think Chevy was thinking or hoping that the vehicle would take of in the customization scene so they did not bother to put a really strong motor in it thinking it would be removed. I also think this is why the vehicle was designed with a V8 and not a V6 or straight 6 because of the idea that this is a platform for customization and customizers would want to put a V8 in it so it was designed with a V8 to help with customization?

  • blurglide

    I remember a salesman was trying to say "it's like a Corvette with a bed!". I said "It's a rebodied Trailblazer". The thing is HEAVY and not very fast. It'll be collectable though just because it's so weird.

  • Gene Ebeling
    Gene Ebeling

    Greatest and most interesting concept turning into an idea from the General. And the reason it tanked (so to speak) was the price tag. Here are the stats: over the four model years, the vehicle classed as a pick-up made available for sale was 24,112 units. Now for those naysayers, once the LS2 was dropped in for the '05/'06 model years(in the 6-speed version), the coolest truck on the planet at the time could rocket from 0 to 60 in just 5.29 seconds! And today, these 'beware of the red bow-tie' brigades are and have significantly gone up in value. Oh and the reason Chevy introduced the SSR was much like the C4 ZR1's: 'because we can'. Great find Tyler.

  • Joseph Haas
    Joseph Haas

    My Dad was one of the main production / supplier quality Engineers for this vehicle they only made 74 a day at the lansing craft center. ASC made all the sheet metal which my dad over saw all their work. Brought a tester home one day when I was in high school which I got to take out on the twisties with him in the passenger seat. Loved how it drove!

  • Tim datoolman
    Tim datoolman

    I remember when these came out, I have always thought they were cool looking and the fact that they have a V8 in them is a plus for sure, the LS 2 engine is the better engine obviously. This is a perfect truck for your hooptie fleet.

  • Jeremy Wrx
    Jeremy Wrx

    I have loved the look of the SSR from the beginning. I'd buy it off you. I'm sure you stole it. When you don't say what you paid you got a deal. Keep up the great content enjoying it. Thanks

  • ken S
    ken S

    The ssR is my guilty pleasure along with the Ford Thunderbird of that era. I’ve always wanted to buy one of these and do an interior update/resto-mod with some of their newer stuff

  • KR 92
    KR 92

    Tyler, please don’t ever stop surprising us with your odd buys! I live for them 😂

  • mattt198654321

    Hello boys, I've owned two Chevys from this era and I can attest that the cylinder deactivation is not junk! It works quite seamlessly and offers a few extra MPG which is good enough for a big truck. Thumbs up if you agree!

  • Andrew Holdaway
    Andrew Holdaway

    I love learning these fun nuggets of car knowledge from these videos. I had forgotten that GM did a retro truck.

  • G B
    G B

    I think they're cool vehicles. I'd drive and own one!

  • Spartan Link_047
    Spartan Link_047

    This is seriously one of my favorite vehicles of all time, I have always wanted one.

  • Mark Newton-John
    Mark Newton-John

    I'll also say, these cars were NEVER intended to be sports cars, but cruisers with decent enough acceleration. It's the design that makes the car.

  • Jared The Geek
    Jared The Geek

    You called it an HHR a couple of times, that was pretty funny. They are totally stupid, but I love them. I also love the Prowler and the old Dakota convertible, so I have terrible taste. Looks like there is room for a turbo.

  • Katt Casel
    Katt Casel

    I loved the look of these when they first came out. I had several El Caminos and Rancheros before, so wasn't concerned about the limitations as I was used to them anyway. The hardtop convertible was icing on the cake. Then I drove a new one and yuck!!! Could not believe how plain the interior was and the doors are almost blank! Put the top down and discovered the cowl shake was California earthquake levels, wonder if Tyler noticed this as well. Took it back to the dealer and ran over to Pontiac and bought the 6 speed manual GTO. Never regretted that choice, the GTO was a wonderful highway car and drove it for YEARS! Sorry Chevy.