I bought back 2 cars I REGRETTED selling the most, but I'm DUMPING one of them (Buick vs. Mercedes)
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Commenti: 3 983
  • Hoovies Garage
    Hoovies Garage

    Where would you put a sticker? WOODIE SHIRTS!

  • Car Wizard
    Car Wizard

    Keep the 300SD!!! Me and Hoovies honeymoon car!!!

  • Kevin Allen
    Kevin Allen

    The Roadmaster is my favorite, but I may be a bit biased as my daily driver is a 1992 Buick Roadmaster Limited with the 5.7 Liter V8 with 84,000 miles. I am a retired school teacher so that car will likely provide for my transportation needs for years to come - I often drive my cars to 250,000 miles or more.

  • Brad Strawn
    Brad Strawn

    I am absolutely in love with the Roadmaster. To me it just seems like the ultimate weekend cruiser/road trip car. Everything inside of me wants to show up to a car show in it.

  • The Unskilled Mechanic
    The Unskilled Mechanic

    If it was my choice, I’d be keeping the Roadmaster! You don’t see those too often anymore. Not to mention, it’s a V8, RWD, station wagon… what more could you want, lol.

  • JAY D3E
    JAY D3E

    The mercedes was actually your car and you did a lot to it. I remember watching that old video and cant see a reason why id say to keep the roadmaster over the mercedes. I feel like aside from Apollo 911, the mercedes 4spd was also a car that represents the channel

  • Driven

    Hoovie, so glad you reclaimed the w126. I remember years ago when you posted for Jalopnik, I commented on a picture of your garage "I spy a w126" and you sent the video of you driving yours with the manual conversion. Well that started me following your youtube channel! As one w126 Merc lover to another I hope you keep this 1-2-6. If not please let me know I want it to sit next to my 420 SEL! :)

  • Adrian's Digital Basement
    Adrian's Digital Basement

    That Mercedes is amazing. It's a car one should keep for life.

  • Lon.TV

    My Dad started with a 240D, went to a 190D in 1984 and then owned a bunch of 300D's after that. Great cars. This video brings back memories of sitting in those passenger seats! I'd keep that Mercedes and lose a ton of money on that Roadmaster for our entertainment !

  • 100PercentJake

    As much as I absolutely love the Roadmaster estate, that Mercedes is the ULTIMATE vintage Mercedes. Special history, a sweet build, MANUAL, and could likely never be replicated for any reasonable amount of money.

  • Harley Banks
    Harley Banks

    100% Hot Rod the Roadmaster!! I’d watch that!! Still gotta respect the clean 4 spd swap, nice work on the documentation too that’s pretty impressive and well put together.

  • The Unlucky Frog
    The Unlucky Frog

    Everything about the Mercedes is amazing, I am a huge diesel person and I have never really seen anything like the Mercedes since we don't have too many in the states. Although I am a truck person I would 100% consider buying something like the merc here. That color is phenominal, you have the luxuries of a mercedes, its a manual, and the diesel?? can it get any better than that????

  • Maurie Barnes
    Maurie Barnes

    I'd go with the Buick would be cool to see it come back to as new condition!

  • Dennis Esser
    Dennis Esser

    Love seeing more "normal" cars on this channel

  • Ciaran Burke
    Ciaran Burke

    Both cars are so cool 😎 looking forward to improvements down the line, keep Both 👌

  • korn20102001

    Keep them both! I would love to see the Roadsmasher with a beautiful set of Cragar SS mags like your old one had. They are both sentimental in their own right and costs less to feed than a Lamborghini or Ferrari but could be just as fun if done correctly.

  • Indie Comics Jones
    Indie Comics Jones

    I'd keep the Roadmaster, but the MB looks great as well. Growing up we had a '73 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser with a 455. I loved the car, but the smog equipment and gearing mad it kind of slow.

  • Catfish Billy
    Catfish Billy

    I'd keep the roadmaster. I've always thought they are the ultimate station wagon. They make excellent sleepers as well. Recently I've seen a few new buick wagons. They are pretty cool too... they kinda resemble these older ones. I think they discontinued them already though

  • BootyAbolisher

    I’m so jealous of your roadmaster, man! I’ve been looking for one for years. They are just so fun and practical.

  • Eduardo Soares
    Eduardo Soares

    keep both, you have more reasons to keep these then 80% of you other cars