I Bought the Cheapest Bentley Continental GT in the USA
Hoovies Garage
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  • salocin911

    You are the poster Child for why buying cars SIGHT UNSEEN is a bad idea. Thank you for being our cautionary tale! We still love you Hoovie!

  • Hunter Biden's Crackpipe
    Hunter Biden's Crackpipe

    Hoovie is the one who goes where we'd only go if we had nine lives. A lot of us eye these cars, but are put off by "but what if"-s. Hoovie just buys them anyway and shows what would actually happen if we bought them, without us having to pay for them. He has saved curious folks millions doing these vids, all by sacrificing his own livelihood.

  • Andrey Chaika
    Andrey Chaika

    As a Russian, if that car did indeed spend time in Russia I highly doubt those miles are legit. People roll back miles like crazy in the motherland.

  • 19G79

    "I had enough control to not buy a 13 thousand dollar lotus."

  • JoshsWorld.com

    Tyler, I consider myself a Bentley expert... and I can tell you right now: that car was used as Russian Submarine.

  • Elliott Kenny
    Elliott Kenny

    "it's not missing any parts"

  • Tavarish

    You had me at badonkadonk

  • Piotr

    That 13 years old car still looks pretty great.

  • Michael G
    Michael G

    Russia has low quality gas, low quality oil and coolant on retail. I know this quite well. Chances are you have scoring on the cylinder walls, worn bearings and if the engine was sucking in vaccuume then you will have had sand in the cylinders too. There was smoke coming from the exhaust pipes that looked like oil smoke, say RIP to the CATs. The suspension will be battered too because of russian roads. Best of luck. Oh and by the way, it uses the same suspension parts as an Audi A8 if you wanna same time bucks

  • Rising Embers Gaming
    Rising Embers Gaming

    “It only has 45000 original miles on it” well. . . We all know how THAT turned out

  • Pete Davis
    Pete Davis

    I'm so glad you do these things, it saves me making the same mistakes! I'm really looking forward to the rest of your Vids on your experience

  • Pibbles 'n Bits
    Pibbles 'n Bits

    Bet the Russians also rolled back the odometer lol

  • Victor J
    Victor J

    so your Bentley is truly continental...lol

  • Just A Car Guy Named Tom
    Just A Car Guy Named Tom

    Hearing that engine just a knock knock knockin' on heaven's door

  • Vlase Mircea
    Vlase Mircea

    you’re awesome man! if I would have some spare money I’d probably do the same bad decisions as you 🤦🏼‍♀️ keep them coming!

  • Arun999

    Tyler bought this car for 27K. Prolly spent about 5k with the wizard. He gave up and sold it to tavarish for 11k and now completely fixed up and clean looking and for sale for 38k

  • Cleanwhips

    cant wait to see how this one goes, this is one on the heavily depreciation listed i would love to give a go or a hellcat :) luv this channel

  • Tristan De Puijker
    Tristan De Puijker

    Ah, the humble beginings of the wizard. We can clearly see where all of hoovers money went in later episodes

  • Mathieu L
    Mathieu L

    This channel is going places

  • adamkightley

    I’ve watched tons of you’re videos and think you’re a genius by spotting all these bargains, but potentially have you gone too far?