I Bought the Cheapest FERRARI 348 in the USA, WITH ALMOST 100,000 MILES!
Hoovies Garage
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  • Silver Cymbal
    Silver Cymbal

    🚗Watched every minute of this video, great story & fun. Well done as always! 🚗

  • Adam

    I love that someone actually drove this car, enjoyed it, and said screw the mileage

  • William Billiam
    William Billiam

    Red is the color everyone seems to want on older Ferraris but imo black looks so much better on them.

  • Zzyzx Wolfe
    Zzyzx Wolfe

    I think my favorite part about this is that with the dual ECUs, you have dual check engine lights.

  • Charlie Charlot
    Charlie Charlot

    Unpopular opinion :

  • Ryan

    I know Tyler knows this, but for any of you brave/dumb enough to do this: every Ferrari is a $100,000 car. Pay now, or pay later.

  • Tavarish

    Can you tell the firefighters where the battery is this time? They smashed the front bumper for some reason and it left a nasty gouge on the last one.

  • Songsoftime

    Imagine having this issue in your life. “Oh man, Yunno I have lambos and the multiple Ferrari’s I’ve had before are just cursed. Damn how difficult my life is”

  • Rookie To Pro Buildz
    Rookie To Pro Buildz


  • DTK W
    DTK W

    That exhaust made me sick to my stomach. But hearing how easy to do a clutch made me feel much much better.


    I love it when Hoovie and Tavarish get together. Then I was like, oh shit, Ed too!

  • Sean Sullivan
    Sean Sullivan

    I've grown to love this body style for it's masculine lines. I like how it doesn't have the usual round tail lights. Drive the Hell out of it and get your money's worth. They can't all be record setting auction cars.

  • Deat Gaming
    Deat Gaming

    "do you know about them" "Enough to not have one" Ed being the shrewd guy he is.

  • The Cav
    The Cav

    Best episode yet! You need to do more road trips with old and untested exotics!

  • 100PercentJake

    "I'll be running these for a limited time before moving on to something else"

  • Rick Hibdon
    Rick Hibdon

    Hoovie: “I get to enjoy the fruit of someone else’s suffering for once”

  • Kevin Page
    Kevin Page

    You know what, I’m glad you didn’t give up on this car despite what everyone else was saying about it. Respect ✊

  • GALTwarrior

    No indication on temperature could also mean your engine is out of coolant for those who don't know. Great vid, loved it!

  • Iliaz

    I feel bad for the guy who got screwed by the mechanic shop

  • Elliott Grossman
    Elliott Grossman

    I love the 348! Another unappreciated gem of a car. Love the 80s carry over styling.