I Bought the Cheapest Ferrari 458 EVER (first under six-figures?) with a TERRIBLE HISTORY
Hoovies Garage
A big thanks to JL007 photography for selling me the 458, check out his video with me and the Plaid: www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1JtX... and video Bob for staining my seats, probably revenge for roasting his fleet in this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kdxrc...
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  • Hoovies Garage
    Hoovies Garage

    A new Ferrari to fuel the Wizard's yacht, and furnish his new mansion. Did I mention I'm selling $5 keychains? Have you bought one yet???

  • Josh Gonzalez
    Josh Gonzalez

    I know people give him a lot of crap for getting too expensive but this is an awesome purchase. can't wait to see the 80k bill from wizard lmaoo


    I kinda admire the previous owner with his Home mods, He probably bought this car for dirt cheap fixed it up, enjoyed the hell out of it, sold it and got his moneys worth outta it

  • Robert Wiley
    Robert Wiley

    This man is living his dream on ITmores it easily could have gone the other way around after he lost his dealership but you're looking at someone who never gave up and has an awesome audience on ITmores. Plus having a professional business relationship with a mechanic like The Car Wizard doesn't hurt either 🙂 👌

  • pcliftonjr

    Whenever I get the urge to buy a really "cheap" Sports car, I just tune in to the latest Hoovie episode. "You get what you pay for" always seems to apply...

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M

    The previous owner did not rig the pull string for the glove box, it is the manual glove box release from the factory and has been included on Ferraris for several generations goping back at least to the F430 and probably before that as well.

  • HulluJanne

    Love the fact that there is also some people owning super cars, doing their homework on what parts fit or are possible to made fit and saving tons of money in the progress. Always think outside of the OEM box.

  • D|M Photo
    D|M Photo

    I must say, this definitely seems like a good deal and a car worth fixing and owning. That thing is amazing looking. The powered hardtop that looks good in either position is a huge plus. If I were to own this the salvage title and high miles would almost be a plus since I would never feel bad about driving it and putting miles on it. I would never buy a salvage title car...except this one. Really nice find.

  • Robin Dale
    Robin Dale

    Can't wait to see the Wizard's eyes light up with glee when he sees you roll this in for the repairs. He has a vacation home to buy, you know!

  • Justin Lawson
    Justin Lawson

    I love how Hoovie keeps marveling at fact that a $250,000 car made it to 80,000 miles...

  • Zach Inman
    Zach Inman

    What an absolute steal of a deal. I'm sure the fact that the previous owners drove it hard have kept the engine in good shape, as opposed to a garage queen that just rots away :-)

  • Aisling Mairead
    Aisling Mairead

    I loved seeing that accidental "comparison of reliability to value ratio" at

  • Lord Corgi
    Lord Corgi

    Imagine paying a bunch of money for one of these new and it has worse buttons and switches than a 30 year old Corolla 🤣

  • David Ferreira
    David Ferreira

    You just know that whenever Hoovie buys such a good car on paper, it is completely screwed underneath

  • johnkilo3

    For a street car, which 99% of these are, I think ditching the carbon ceramic brakes is a great idea for someone who really drives their car.

  • Martin Kulik
    Martin Kulik

    this might be one of the best looking and driving cars ever made. I drove it for short drive in Italy and paid lot of money for it like $200 I think or so, but then it drove and turned like razor blade.

  • Scott Mattern
    Scott Mattern

    Not that I'm interested in buying a used $100k car anytime soon, its incredibly interesting to see what you can get for $100k. Nice one!

  • Andrew Minucos
    Andrew Minucos

    A 458 is my genuine “money no object” car. Practical enough to drive daily, fast enough for anyone, and the best looking modern Ferrari.

  • Hogi

    I've been getting tired of seeing all these exotics and not some regular cars, but this is an awesome buy. Definitely stands out from the others he's bought recently.

  • Colin Harrison
    Colin Harrison

    I know people get mad when hoovie buys nice cars, but honestly I’m so happy he has one of these cars. It’s great to see someone just live out their dream and own these incredible cars