I bought the Cheapest Maserati Levante in the USA, a TRASHED REPO with a SLUDGED FERRARI ENGINE?
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  • amerixan trash
    amerixan trash

    The look of pride on Tyler's face after bragging about only spending "over 30,000" is why I keep coming back.

  • Komainu

    I like how the engine has a ton of sludge but he revs it like crazy and then his tire pressure is super low and then proceeds to show how well it still handles.

  • Jake Wanta
    Jake Wanta

    Taking it to redline with an engine full of sludge over and over really ups the resale value.

  • Frans B
    Frans B

    Good to see you're off the bmws and into a whole new level of reliability issues.

  • 3rd World Garage
    3rd World Garage

    Parts by Chrysler, styling by Buick and price by Ferrari. Gotta love it!

  • Matt's Garage
    Matt's Garage

    If you can get a clean one under $40k I don’t know if this was really a bargain for $30k… If the engine works out I guess it is but if it ended up needing a new engine that would easily exceed the price of a good one.

  • Walker L.
    Walker L.

    Hoovie: “everyone is now wanting big ol’ family mover SUV’s but I loveeee wagons and land yachts!!”

  • Adam Berendt
    Adam Berendt

    Every mechanic needs a friend like hoovie.

  • Mitchell Gildea
    Mitchell Gildea

    Next video: Here's everything broken on the bank repossessed Maserati Levante

  • David

    As someone who repossessed cars for a bank back in the day, you got off easy with this one. Getting those repos back to our storage lot was some of the hairiest experiences I ever had. We carried a “survival kit” with fluids, fuses, a jack, lugs, fix-a-flat, duct tape, flashlight and so forth. Just to get from point A to point B. We had to inventory everything in the car and bag it to give back to the customer. Some of those cars were worse than crime scenes. I told both my kids, never buy a repo or a former rental car.

  • Maxwell Ihrie
    Maxwell Ihrie

    Hoovie thinking weed smells like cat pee tells me a lot of things I already knew about Hoovie.

  • Rhian Taylor
    Rhian Taylor

    I would be concerned about the oil feed to the turbos and trying to protect them when the sludge is all shook up.

  • johnro6659

    I love these, Test drove several over the years. I used to repo cars back when i was young. Been attacked had people try and jump on the hood and I was shot at more times than I care to admit for basically min wage! Buying a bank repo is an coin toss most people who know the bank is looking for the car will mess it up or do some sort of sabotage. It's obvious who every owned this could not afford it or afford the maintenance that goes with it. IMO I would have never revved the engine of driven this hard until the engine got flushed especially a turbo car if the oil to the turbos stopped that would have been the end of them. This seems to one of your best buys and probably one of the lowest cost fixes I have seen on your channel. I was surprised no estimate on the repair costs.

  • Matt Mayo
    Matt Mayo

    The parallel line scratch on the bumper is from a garage door sliding down the bumper. They’re indicative of a garage kept vehicle.

  • TheRealAlpha2

    Hoovie's Garage: The definition of failing your way to victory.

  • Josh Willoughby
    Josh Willoughby

    Those lower oil spots could’ve just been from revving and hard acceleration during the drive, while having the oil fill cap on loosely. May not even need any turbo seals. You scored a decent “warm wind”!

  • Christopher Thompson
    Christopher Thompson

    The fact that my '19 Jeep Compass has THE SAME INFOTAINMENT AND INSTRUMENT CLUSTER as this Levante is all I need to know that even premium makes still have common man parts

  • Christopher Guilday
    Christopher Guilday

    It blew my mind that you floored it with a sludgey engine. If there’s anything you can do that would likely result in the engine blowing, it was that lol. Brave or dumb, maybe both haha.

  • Mgoblagulkablong

    Over $30k still seems like a bad deal for this.

  • CrimsonStang

    Try flushing with Valvoline Maxlife synthetic (high detergent) and a bottle of Liqui Moly engine flush. I've had a lot of good history with that for flushing gunk, varnish, and sludge. You might even want to flush and then drain and do it a second time. In your case, idle for a bit longer, maybe 25 or 30 minutes. You could even try popping in a bottle of AutoRX in the next oil to clean the metal off.