I Bought the Cheapest Rolls Royce Phantom in the USA
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  • Junky DIY guy
    Junky DIY guy

    A Used Rolls Royce is Still cheaper to maintain than an ENGAGEMENT

  • jvanb231

    Chicago.. the perfect place to drive such a maneuverable, nimble car.

  • Maximilian von Hulewicz
    Maximilian von Hulewicz

    Balls of steel for taking out a 70k loan to buy a 80k RollsRoyce, which you intend to pay back via ITmores videos 😂😂 Congrats man, and all the best!

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith

    That salesmen was shady asf trying to hide everything that was wrong with this car lol

  • Paddy Outback
    Paddy Outback

    Eating Taco Bell in the back of a Roller is pretty much the pinnacle of human existence.

  • jonny rock
    jonny rock

    never trust a short man chewing gum in a suit

  • Samcrac

    I bought a car at this same dealer in 2008; a used VW GTI!

  • Richard Harrold
    Richard Harrold

    That V12 is ludicrously understressed from the factory. I've heard that it's been built into a race engine good for a reliable 750bhp...

  • Justin Kruger
    Justin Kruger

    I hope to God you can continue to do this for the rest of your life. You're incredible as an automotive journalist and deserve every good thing coming to you. Congratulations on the car and the girl!


    The sales guy, looks like a sales guy...No matter how expensive your car....they always look shady....

  • Jesse White
    Jesse White

    The best video yet! I have so enjoyed watching you make your way through each car. Keep it up - this is awesome and we support you Tyler.

  • KniGht1st

    The umbrella is missing, not worth it.

  • JohnStax

    I love this channel because I know he actually bought the car and isn't click baiting us.

  • Brandon Petroski
    Brandon Petroski

    I was actually really impressed at the level of tidiness and openness in that engine compartment. Like I feel like I could wrench on that myself without being terrified. Let's see what the next video at the garage reveals though.

  • CumminsDriver100

    I've been in that dealership, and I agree, very beautiful place full of amazing vehicles! Those sales people are very nice as well.

  • Chris D
    Chris D

    Taking out a loan to buy a quickly depreciating car with high upkeep costs is not advisable

  • Charles Gage
    Charles Gage

    Love it! Congrats! Good luck with your channel. I think your personality and delivery is superb for these videos. Very interesting. Being in the DC area, we run into Rolls and Bentley, not every day, but more often than one would think. I was thinking of getting one and doing a rental to help offset the costs. Looking into the details. Good luck!

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    You know what buddy, thank you so much for explaining how you purchase the rolls-royce. It shows your viewers how humble you are. You are a good person. And very humble. That is very important to your viewers that's one reason why you have a high rating. Keep up the good work we love your shows. You're funny as hell. Keep it comical keep it real.

  • Arthur R
    Arthur R


  • Nicholas Johnstone
    Nicholas Johnstone

    Hoovie ... congratulations on both your acquisitions! Hoping you'll do a vid of the return trip. Really appreciate the honesty at the end. Nothing like a Rolls. I had Ridley Scott's Silver Shadow for a while.