I Bought the Cheapest Turbo Porsche in the USA: 1 Year Ownership Report
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  • Tavarish

    People have no idea how stupid fast these things are. I miss this car.

  • laowhy86

    How did you manage to make this look good? I hated them until you slapped those wheels on it and made it cool.

  • Phos9

    Ah, the first generation cayenne, a feat of engineering wrapped in a collision between house styling cues and interior volume requirements. Great way to get rid of gasoline that you don’t need.

  • Lullaby World Official
    Lullaby World Official

    13 mpg eco friendly engine.

  • Ekow Ghartey
    Ekow Ghartey

    I've had my 06 for 3years and i use it as my everyday driver, its very reliable. Mine is hitting 250k miles in a few months. I feel its better than the newer models

  • BigJulie

    My Cayenne has, in 16 years, only required replacement of the windscreen washer bottle.

  • Zirma Li
    Zirma Li

    You know you're in America when a Porsche Cayenne is a "medium size car"

  • John Castro
    John Castro

    If there’s one other mod I would recommend, it would be replacing the taillights with the 2008-10 cayenne taillights, as they look a lot more modern imo

  • Danny's Garage
    Danny's Garage

    I mean, 13mpg is about average for an SUV of that size and power. The BMW X5M and Range Rover Supercharged get similar gas mileage. Given the six-figure price tags of those vehicles (when new), gas mileage is of no concern to the manufacturers.

  • Chthonian121

    This was the first car my dad bought when he was doing credit card fraud in 2005 lmfao. I miss this car. It was in silver.

  • Lyosha

    Man I should probably pay you some extra for this video. Each time I start thinking about buying a cayenne I reach this video and calm down :)

  • Dav Saldi
    Dav Saldi

    Thanks Hoovie for paying it forward...You make fun and interesting vids. Make some sponsers and advertisers happy then rotate your inventory with good deals to a viewer when (if) you sell.


    sounds like your friend is trying to do what the guy at the auction did

  • Tomás Tomás
    Tomás Tomás

    I’m glad I bought the diesel version. After installation of tuning box, HP, Torque, & mpg increased. Best I got was 40.8 mpg on my commute. I had a Brabus G500 & don’t miss the < 13 mpg consumption. You can get one for about $20K with the 10 year emission warranty from Porsche.

  • Charles Cernuda
    Charles Cernuda

    The headlights are beautiful. Where did they come from? New taillights would really complete the makeover IMO. I think replacing the wheels made a huge difference as well. I'm personally not a huge fan of the DUB look on any car really so I probably would have gone with gunmetal myself, but regardless the upgrade makes it look much more sharp.

  • ohio player1177
    ohio player1177

    I bought a 2006 S for my wife and besides regular maintenance including a battery which I do all myself its been a really nice car. If I didn't wrench myself I would not have gotten it as the oil changes cost over 3 hundred dollars. It holds 2 jugs of synthetic oil and has 2 oil drain plugs along with bottom aero you have to remove. I went the other way with the wheels since we live in a snow state. I got a plus size Goodyear weather readys on the stock rims. They filled the wheel wells up nicely and softened the ride up nicely. The speedo is only about 2 mph over at 60 as it was about 3 MPH off at 60 with the shit riding Yokohamas on it. The tire dealer said they were listed as an alternative size and it definitely improved the snow performance. Great SUVs that stay solid for a long time unlike most American counterparts.

  • Angelo Starzi
    Angelo Starzi

    Looks awesome. I see hoovies got decent taste in mods this SUV looks sick with them little updated mods. I disagree those mods will deff attract buyers

  • enginepy

    My first Porsche was a 2008 cayenne S. Looked beautiful and drive amazing. Never thought an suv could drive like a sports car. Only had one issue with a fuel pump. Out of warranty and Porsche paid to ship and fix it. No other company would do that. I’m now on Porsche number 5. Never had another one go to the shop for anything other than a loose wiring harness.

  • Benjamin Davidson
    Benjamin Davidson

    I was a mechanic for about ten yeard for a (strictly) used car lot. Now I'm usually a stickler for using oem parts on these cars or at least by the same manufacture. But with all VW group cars and others I cut the plastic hard lines of and replace them with rubber lines. Usually looking at five bucks a pop and will last much longer in hot engine bays. Cheap, efficient because you can always have it available, and just smart in my book.

  • scott h
    scott h

    Best $300 I ever spent on my ‘06 Turbo S was smoked LED taillights. 1/2 hour install myself. Super easy. Get rid of those giant red beasts. Soooo much nicer looking.