I Bought the Most Unreliable BMW Ever Made (2007 M5)
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  • Sam Anslow
    Sam Anslow

    Hoovie is no longer addicted to cars, hes addicted to losing money


    Remember to watch all advertisements so Hoovy can afford to repair this one!

  • M

    Buying cars no one has the balls to buy. Hoovie is truly a hero

  • LazerLord10

    He traded it for a Honda because he wants a car that works, lol.

  • Julius Pepperwood
    Julius Pepperwood

    An additional 7 to 11 grand and you’ll have yourself a kickass car for at least a week or two until something else breaks again. Sounds like a deal.

  • jmhellison

    This car would make Scottie kilmer's brain explode 🤣💀💀💀

  • WatchJRGo

    I love the E60 M5... it's a luxury drift missile!

  • Tim Matijow
    Tim Matijow

    Doug Demuro: You should never buy this car

  • Saim K
    Saim K

    Tyler: These BMWs are so bad and unreliable

  • Derek Tannahill
    Derek Tannahill

    Hmmm, I had a 2007 M5 with SMG. Bought it used with 32,000 miles. Drove it often, been to the track multiple times, and participated in many spirited drives with local car clubs.

  • Yusuf Kacchi
    Yusuf Kacchi

    Waiting for hoovie to buy the cheapest koenigsegg in the country.

  • Whoever Whoever
    Whoever Whoever

    THe one who sold you his BMW probably laughed so hard

  • Car Pal
    Car Pal

    Hoovieboi doesn't learn from his previous BMWs, and I love it

  • 3800 Turbo Track Days.
    3800 Turbo Track Days.

    I would fix the oil cooler. Change the front tyres, then a fresh battery, check the grounds and then clear all the codes. Then take it for a decent drive and then re-check the codes. More than half will most likely be gone as many are just triggered by other issues. It helps narrow things down.

  • David Sumner
    David Sumner

    You, Doug, and Ed B are my guardian angels. Every time that I get a head full of steam to go out and buy a used high-end car, you post a video like this. The numbers you quote for repairs quickly bring my thinking back to reality. Thanks!!!


    WOW, this shop has low prices! $2500 for the rod bearing job is amazing!

  • mboiko

    Doug is the kind of guy...that is going to have a great laugh at Tyler's expense.

  • David Nguyen
    David Nguyen

    Just sold my 2007 M5 two weeks ago, I kinda missed it already. I put about $3000 in parts on it, I did most of the work myself including two OEM throttle actuators. Drove it for 25,000 Miles (3years), I sold it for $500 more than what I paid. It didn’t have a clean title, but the miles are actual, it was never been in an accident, do you think I should have kept it? I loved the car.

  • Fir


  • A Think
    A Think

    Loved it. The real working-man decent-auto reviewer at last! You definitely keep the spirit alive.