I Needed a Chainsaw to Extract My Stolen Mercedes ML55 AMG
Hoovies Garage
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  • GTOger

    Of course your detail shop guy is going to cover the costs involved in putting the car back in it's pre-theft condition as well as detail it again for free, right? RIGHT?

  • Paul in AZ
    Paul in AZ

    Don't ever sell this car - it WANTS to be owned by you. That's obvious.

  • The Time Teller
    The Time Teller

    Hey man,

  • Garbage Man
    Garbage Man

    Imagine when you came out with the Mercedes from the trees and you mustang was gone lol

  • Mephisto Night
    Mephisto Night

    Good for you for being so good to the detailing place. I bet that guy has done the same thing a million times and never had a car stolen. Sure, maybe he should have thought about the risk but why spread the pissiness if you don't need to take him to town about it. Thumbs up.

  • Bryson Michael RC
    Bryson Michael RC

    You got lucky. My car was stolen in wichita. The cops impounded it and charged ME a few hundred to get it out. Yours being in thick brush, they were probably like... eh, not this time lmao.

  • Daan Farrazijn
    Daan Farrazijn

    The worlds first ever ML AMG Mercedes that actually went Off-road.

  • Jusztin Németi
    Jusztin Németi

    The question I'm sure a lot of us want to ask is, did the original detailer re-detail the car for you? Did you do it yourself? Or did you pay another shop to do the work?

  • Piano Tutorials
    Piano Tutorials

    If you did not have the footage, it would be a hard one to believe! Also, youre a great guy responding to this all like you did. Mad respect to you from The Netherlands

  • Drew Buckley
    Drew Buckley

    “Of all my cars, I’m taking this one to cars and coffee cuz everyone wants to see it”

  • yole sek
    yole sek

    I am convinced about the durability of the ml 55 after all the off road incident,it only came out with scratches,i have always been looking out for the old school mercedes slk but now guess what my thinking has changed ml 55 is on my mind.Thanks for posting this clip.

  • Susie Williams
    Susie Williams

    The world’s first luxury bulldozer

  • Laurynas Tamošaitis
    Laurynas Tamošaitis

    This is a Mercedes Benz ML55 AMG and today we will see if it can go off the road. ~Doug DeMuro

  • 00UncommonSense00

    I love stories like this that involve the whole community coming together. The police, the news channel, the car guys who all kept their eyes open....the only bad part to this story is the f-ing thieves who took it are still on the loose (perhaps) because since this happened, any of the career criminals who are in for grand theft auto may have been the perps that took yours. We can only hope. Maybe a finger print will match up or even a witness will turn them out as part of a plea bargain to save their own skin. Who knows?

  • Hadley Yeatman
    Hadley Yeatman

    When he said the it had front end damage I thought it would be wrapped a round a big ol’ tree

  • ShadyOrb09

    Wow, you're a really nice person for not freaking out on your dealer. What are great guy, good job dude. Glad you got your car back.

  • Andy Peek
    Andy Peek

    Im so glad you had a happy ending, Ive had cars stolen and recovered in a wrecked state, it's awful to see.

  • Rubber Duc
    Rubber Duc

    477 Thieves thumbed down the video...Glad you got her back, nothing worse than a thief.

  • Iksiruk

    Just the fact some wierdo was driving the car hard and stuff, would really drive me nuts.. Not even the fact it was stolen or jammed into a forest... It's just.. Someone else was driving it!!!

  • growingknowledge

    Hoovie - really glad everything turned out well - love your video style, please keep doing what you are doing !