I took a HUGE LOSS dumping my broken Audi R8, a total disaster that only a CRAZY PERSON would buy
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  • realbadTech

    make a good point about car dealers getting away with whatever this day and age - feel like honestly you should just call the guy out directly. with your reach you never know, could actually save someone a ton of misery and financial heartache who can't afford to make a return on a youtube video about it. scamming lying dealers like that don't deserve to have their reputation protected imo

  • Patrick_M

    Really glad to see that the top for the Z8 was an easier fix than a new motor. That's a gorgeous car Hoovie.

  • Brad McBad
    Brad McBad

    I can't wait to see it on a lift in the background of his shop for the next three years.

  • Jordan Brige
    Jordan Brige

    “Having 4 or 5 suvs makes little sense” but having 30 super cars make so much more sense lol love it

  • Vinay Ramkumar
    Vinay Ramkumar

    Tavarish in 2025 - "Ive had this car in my garage for 3 years and this is the first time I've looked at it"

  • Robert H
    Robert H

    I'm often more amazed by your genius mechanics, these men enable your madness and I love it!

  • Zachary Tribou
    Zachary Tribou

    "Tavarish is the pooper scooper of the car world"- hoovie

  • Afro TechMan
    Afro TechMan

    Tavarish was definitely the ideal person to buy the R8. I'm sure he'll make something good out of it but I hope it doesn't take a millions years to get running like some of his other projects.

  • 1st Spin Magic!? Slot channel
    1st Spin Magic!? Slot channel

    Hope this years Christmas gift for your wife makes up for this disaster 😂

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    Absolutely love how you have brought friends and your mechanics along for the ITmores financial gain💪💪

  • Bart Scanland
    Bart Scanland

    I've been watch Hoovie for around three years and it finally dawned on me that he would make an exceptional Jeff Goldblum impersonator.

  • joeuncoolio

    Hoovie, I have to agree with you. It's obscene how good looking the Z8 is. It's 20 yearrs old and the styling still looks current. Thanks for displaying the eye candy.

  • Sean DeBottis
    Sean DeBottis

    This was a good episode, man I love the early E30 series. They look so good and handle properly.

  • Red_Zed

    By reading the title... I imagine Tav buying it lol

  • SpankMyFace

    Freddy makes three videos a year, and two of them are "garage updates". He already has 45 unfinished/untouched projects, and I'm assuming this R8 will be added to that list.

  • Scrappy Coco
    Scrappy Coco

    Jhonny was a dope addition to the squad man. The man is a BMW genius.

  • Jheinrich1

    Hey Hoovie, the body kit on the E30 definitely isn't an M-technic kit. I wasn't able to figure out what it was but definitely looks period correct! Might have some markings or stamps somewhere indicating the brand.

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    The car ninja seems like one of the best mechanics available, especially in Hoovies world.

  • TLO

    Hahahah you referring to the guy who sold you the car as “Florida man” like some kinda headline got me laughing so hard

  • Matt Ryan
    Matt Ryan

    I was starting to miss the Car Ninja! And good lord Tavarish is just collecting stuff at this point. I know he’s working his butt off, but that’s SO many projects.