Installing the MOST INSANE Car Lift Ever In My DREAM GARAGE
Hoovies Garage
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  • Andrew F
    Andrew F

    Really enjoyed that montage of the cars pulling up and parking them. That was awesome.👌👌👌

  • flakeu

    Seeing a down to earth and humble dude like Hoovie winning at life is restoring my faith in humanity.

  • Apex Seal
    Apex Seal

    Tavarish would be like:

  • twitch7771

    When Hoovie’s kids are old enough to drive they’re gonna be pulling up to school in some sweet hoopties 😂

  • VivaLaFiesta

    The most humble rich guy I've ever seen. I am honestly super happy for you. Just keep being yourself and hooptie on haha

  • john kuckian
    john kuckian

    i looove the cinematography at 8 mins or so with the music

  • Samuel Holden
    Samuel Holden

    You deserve it Tyler, so happy to see your channel thriving.

  • M S
    M S


  • Keith Doran
    Keith Doran

    This is probably the most pivotal moment in hoovies garage history. I am moved.

  • Noah Wickham
    Noah Wickham

    Hoovie, I have been watching you for quite a while now, and it is just really nice to see stuff like this come together for you since it has obviously been a big goal and thought in your mind for a while. Love seeing it man!

  • Ayo

    Such a humble dude. You deserve it. Can’t wait to have a garage like this one day.

  • Jerzon Rayo
    Jerzon Rayo

    I’m happy for you bro glad we make a difference in your life, your a good person and keep giving to those who need and you’ll continue to be blessed.

  • Stephen O Connor
    Stephen O Connor

    Can’t believe it took less than 12 minutes to install all of that

  • No name 99
    No name 99

    Seeing this makes me happy for ya man! I think all of your supporters can say you deserve every bit of this for what you do in the car community

  • Disclaimer Garage
    Disclaimer Garage

    Congratulations on all your success, Tyler. By far, my favorite automotive ITmores channel!

  • Philip John
    Philip John

    Been watching since the beginning bro...congratulations on your success! And when you expressed your gratitude at the end, it literally put a smile on my face. You appreciate what you've been given and that's why you deserve it! Keep up the great content!

  • to Infiniti and beyond
    to Infiniti and beyond

    Hey hoovie, congrats bro. You really deserve it. Thank you for the fun and informative

  • Corey Kononchuk
    Corey Kononchuk

    And THANK YOU for the great content, Hoovie!! I'm glad to see you enjoying success, and that fleet is looking less and less hoopty-ish by the month!

  • Eric L
    Eric L

    Bend pack is super cool to give you this lift.

  • KlipschHead281

    Damn, you've gone a long long way, very impressive. You worked hard for it, the audience counts of course but without good content you wouldn't have them, so job well done Hoovie.