Is my "Bargain" Hemi Plymouth Superbird a FAKE?!?!
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  • Hoovies Garage
    Hoovies Garage

    Do me a favor (and yourself) and give Mags a sub. Great content and great guy!

  • James

    I love seeing people who are passionate about a subject talk about it. Steve is awesome!

  • A.J. Green
    A.J. Green

    Steve's the guy we all wish was our friend when we go look at a car. Just like Wizard being the guy we wish had the shop up the street.

  • Stephen Lancaster
    Stephen Lancaster

    Steve is a walking book of knowledge. Dude knows so much about muscle cars.

  • Eric Brandt
    Eric Brandt

    Steve is a "National Treasure" especially for people wanting to know the obscure details of the Muscle Car Era.....So many BS artists out there....Steve is the REAL DEAL!


    Your Superbird is real , never going to change the fact. Pretty much impossible to return it to an all numbers matching unit so enjoy it with the mods that have been made. A US muscle car with better steering & front suspension can't be all bad.

  • Andrew Dowling
    Andrew Dowling

    I really enjoy Steve on the auction shows. A true passion and ability to explain the details.

  • 7x77

    This is actually the smartest Automotive Channel on ITmores. Anyone who can buy a bunch of junk exotic cars that the rest of us could never afford the repairs on if they were given to us, and have his ITmores channel subsidized the repairs so he can enjoy them and go on to the next piece of junk, is an absolute genius.

  • JP Guthrie
    JP Guthrie

    I've been able to "code" Mopars since I was in high school. You can find the last part of the VIN in different places, such as on the radiator support, on the cowl, under the package tray, trunk edge lip, or on the side of the engine block. Too many of these old cars were wrecked and rebuilt, or disguised to be something else. Watch the beginning of the old "Gone in 60 Seconds" and see how the pros did it back in the day. Steal a new car, buy a wrecked one, swap the VIN, door decal, engine, fender plate, core support, etc onto the stolen car.

  • Orcinus1967

    Thanks for addressing all the naysayers Hoovie. Hopefully the argument over the cheapest super bird is settled, and we can move one. It does provide a great topic of conversation, and the opportunity for creating content. Keep being the gracious person you we have come to know via the interwebs.

  • Velvet Jones
    Velvet Jones

    One would expect any Hoovie car to have a lot of hidden surprises.

  • James Jackson
    James Jackson

    What a blast Tyler's having! Being able to experience the presales action vicariously through his channel...what a treat.

  • marty podolsky
    marty podolsky

    Tyler, I've been watching you for a year or more. The last of your comments on this vid just reminds me to express that you are among the nicest, genuine, appreciative, youtubers out there. Your life seems to be going very well, you deserve it.

  • Craig Jorgensen
    Craig Jorgensen

    That expert looks like he’s had ten cups of coffee!

  • Paul McCool
    Paul McCool

    Always cool to see Magnante doing his thing. The man is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to Mopars.

  • DavGo

    Gotta to love Steve with his knowledge and passion. Dude is awesome and so glad you had a chat with him ! 👍👍

  • bee mats
    bee mats

    Steve is an awesome dude! So much knowledge. Just as awesome as Hoovie. Great episode!

  • Against The Board-Dom
    Against The Board-Dom

    Steve is an encyclopedia of knowledge, much like yourself, Tyler. I can see a lot of the same excitement in your eyes when you talk about cars as I have in his Junkyard Gold series and his new ITmores channel. Would love to see both of you do some junkyard dives together, though I know it's not your normal scene.

  • Kevin Chatwin
    Kevin Chatwin

    Great video, Tyler! I would love to explore an auction like that! Thanks for taking us along! 😎

  • Morgan Meehan
    Morgan Meehan

    Steve is awesome. I love his show. Terrific presenter and has a wonderful eye for classic cars.