My cheap Chevy Silverado SS was TORN APART to inspect FRAME RUST. It's way worse than we thought!
Hoovies Garage
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  • C. Castagno
    C. Castagno

    The beauty that we all witnessed: A Ferrari jump starting a Porsche. 10/10

  • Sean Malseed
    Sean Malseed

    Jumping an old Porsche with an old Ferrari is peak Hoovie's Garage

  • Sizukun

    If your car has a battery drain and you have to plug it in to start next time you drive it, does that make it a plug-in hybrid?

  • Lord Corgi
    Lord Corgi

    Toyota: Oh no, your frame rusted out? Let us replace that completely free.

  • Dave Cartwright
    Dave Cartwright

    Until it died again, I was thinking that jump starting your classic Porsche with your Ferrari was the definition of "luxury problems".

  • Taelor Watson
    Taelor Watson

    Hoovie is like the live version of Wiley E coyote. You think to yourself there's no way he could get these things. Yet he does and it always ends up in failure. Reminds me of my stocks

  • endall39

    Hoovie, how do you not carry a jump pack? They have gotten so small and so good. Enjoyed the vid, as always!

  • Patrick Turner
    Patrick Turner

    Wizard was so thorough with his inspection of that hole in the CV boot.

  • curtis m
    curtis m

    "They're not broken from the factory ... that's just how they are." Yes, that is how they are. Broken from the factory.

  • The Mopar Garage
    The Mopar Garage

    I really like how you’re doing multiple car updates per video, seems like they used to be exclusively about one car at a time. Love this channel!

  • KiriyaAoi

    That rubberized undercoating is death for cars. It traps moisture underneath and corrodes from the inside and you have no idea until it starts falling apart. South Main Auto did a video on this. The only kind of rustproofing you should ever use is the oil based kind. Avoid anything with the rubberized undercoating like the plague.

  • Flies2FLL

    "Usually owned by cheap weird people"

  • Daily Motor Shorts
    Daily Motor Shorts

    I love watching Hoovies garage while working on my own broken cars so I feel less bad about myself πŸ˜‚

  • Kevin and Meghan Law
    Kevin and Meghan Law

    You can tell Hoovie is really having a hard time with this video even the title is messed up, im assuming he meant inspect. Wr love you Hoovie 😍

  • Thom Casey
    Thom Casey

    Get a 2 car trailer and hook it up to your 1m mile RAM and drive them up there yourself!

  • Richard Irish
    Richard Irish

    I love your show! You never know what’s going to happen! It’s good that the truck is going to be okay with a few tweaks to the frame! Must have been a north east truck with that kind of rust! Fortunately everything else seems to be okay. Keep up with the great content, thanks!

  • Matthew Neugebauer
    Matthew Neugebauer

    Love the channel, Hoovie! Take care of yourself and get some rest. πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Alias SmithandJones
    Alias SmithandJones

    if it's a car you're going to keep I'd advise replacing the entire axle assembly rather than just the boot. Not only did that hole allow grease to escape it allowed dirt and rocks in which incidentally wear out the joint faster

  • cloudyview

    Living that rough life - jumping your Porsche with your Ferrari 🀣

  • buzzcrushtrendkill

    I admit I enjoy watching you take on so many cars that can leave one stranded. I enjoyed that too, but being a decade+ older than you there is point when reliability becomes the focus. Great video!