My cheap Maserati Levante repo was a DRUG RUNNER, with NO OIL CHANGE for 60,000 miles!?!?!
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  • J Patton
    J Patton

    Probably would be a good idea to do another flush/oil change in 500-1000 miles. The new oil is going to pick up a lot of the sludge still in there.

  • Jordan Zalob
    Jordan Zalob

    Hoovie: “I’m pretty innocent”

  • TheGoodStick

    The car must of felt so relieved because it has held its pee for 60 thousand miles. Once they removed the oil cap it took the most satisfying relief of its life 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dtyler171

    That's actually super impressive that it made it that long without an oil change. Even hondas only make it like 30-50k without an oil change, from what I've seen

  • ss 2115
    ss 2115

    I'd suggest that the owner didn't want to leave the car unattended at a service centre/mechanics where it could be 'recovered' easily by repossession agents or perhaps inspected unknown by law enforcement while putting together a case against him.

  • Miles Parris
    Miles Parris

    The longest oil change I know of was when I was a teen and working at a lube shop. A customer brought in a 1982 Pontiac Grand Prix (This was in 1986) with 64,000 miles on it. The oil had never been changed, I could tell because the original oil filter was still painted black with the engine and there was no sign on the drain plug that it had ever been touched. The guy stopped at a parts store and dumped a quart of engine flush in it and DROVE it to our shop (It says on the can not to drive it with flush in it). When it left it was knocking pretty bad and got louder as it went down the road.

  • Mr. Hudson
    Mr. Hudson

    It's amazing how comfortable Wizard is on camera now in comparison to his first appearances thank you you're introduction to ITmores and now his own successful (and entertaining) channel. Long Live Wizard

  • badopinionsrighthere

    I'd be curious to see what an engine oil analysis reveals. We already know it's bad, but they can give you all sorts of big words about how bad it is.

  • Dyceish001

    I have been watching you for years Hoovie. I just want to say thank you for all the fantastic content you create, Also the amazing community you have built. Thank you Tyler!!

  • Relaxing Animals
    Relaxing Animals

    I’m getting to be pretty impressed with the Levante. I’ve always bought into the “Maseratis are unreliable” thing, but any car that can take this kind of abuse and still run and drive has gotta be okay.

  • Anton Pandoursky
    Anton Pandoursky

    That Maserati engine deserves alot of respect for been running good with no problems with 50000 miles since the last oil change 😁I don't think BMW or Audi would survive this.

  • FalconXE302

    If the Levente engine holds up after no oil changes for so long... I guess they must be pretty tough engines.

  • Darth Llama
    Darth Llama

    I'm glad you mentioned how it odd it was for a drug runner to not maintain their vehicle. You would think that if you were doing something so illegal, you would want to make absolutely sure you didn't have any mechanical issues. I used to laugh watching shows like Cops when I saw that most drug runners got popped for things like bad tags, burned out lights, or cracked glass. If I was smuggling drugs, the car would be clean, everything working, I would be doing the speed limit wearing a tuxedo with my hands at 10 and 2. lol

  • Sylvain R.
    Sylvain R.

    Tyler, you do realize there could have been oil changes done without the computer being reset, right? In my opinion, it didn't look gunky enough to have been 60,000 miles since the last oil change. Keep the great content coming, so entertaining!

  • Steve Bassen
    Steve Bassen

    Love seeing Johnny nonchalantly turning his hand around when shifting from third to forth; proper European car shifting.

  • daybz

    Hoovie... your face at the 65000 mile service interim was absolutely priceless 🤣🤣 So naturally goofy, entertaining and hilarious!

  • mousiee7

    I prefer Liqui Moly's flush. After the flush, I do a oil and filter change and run the car for 15-20 minutes, and then change the oil and filter again to get any remnants of the flush out the system.

  • Harry Green
    Harry Green

    Thanks for letting me know that this car can run over 100k miles. That gives a lot of confidence.

  • Grace Segal
    Grace Segal

    Bearing in mind the likely use of the “Metherati” of course the wipers are only going to work on HIGH 🤣

  • Suren Xavier
    Suren Xavier

    Piece of crud!