My cheap Mercedes ML63 AMG FAILED CATASTROPHICALLY within 24 hours of fixing it...
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  • Manbearpig 2108
    Manbearpig 2108

    In these ever worrying and unpredictable times, it’s nice to know Mercedes are keeping things predictable

  • Douglas Burnside
    Douglas Burnside

    I feel your pain, Hoovie. My 11 year old Honda CR-V needed a tail light bulb, and I have had to replace the rubber windshield wiper inserts

  • Charlie Z
    Charlie Z

    I'm continually amazed at how unreliable these exotic/luxury cars are. It's like they just throw parts together, slap a $300,000 price tag on it, and no concern or care is taken for how long it will last.

  • kuriakos

    "Skilled labor isn't Cheap. Cheap labor isn't skilled." Great sign, Wizard.

  • Sarat C
    Sarat C

    Wizard is a class act for saying to take care of the kids and family first before splurging. It’s obvious but appreciate the maturity of the disclaimer

  • jttoyer

    You should have kept the Riptide Blue Escalade ESV (I see you transferred the plate to the RR) and put a supercharger on it. Would have been WAAAAAY ahead $$$$-wise...

  • Philip M
    Philip M

    I've got the exact same spec ML63 I've owned for the past 2 years. I can confirm no one should own it if they don't work on their own cars. I've had to fix so many things on the car since owning it including all of the electrical issues, water leaks and battery drains. Mine only has under 90k miles too. On the plus side its alot of fun to have that much power in a SUV, and I never see any on the road. Haven't decided how long I may want to keep it. This is NOT a daily driver, it can be down for a week at any point for various issues.

  • Jimmy, Making it work
    Jimmy, Making it work

    Well I for one am shocked at this Mercedes! As a professional mechanic I can’t believe 3 wheels still worked!

  • Julian Doll
    Julian Doll

    Ironically those axles are like ~$200 in Germany for a name brand replacement (the Mercedes original will be insanely expensive here, too).

  • CaptPuget

    I like Hoovie's videos and Hoovie himself but what he does for me is convince me to stick with Japanese vehicles.

  • D Carts
    D Carts

    I think Tyler was visibly annoyed this time…that shouldn’t have broken I’m guessing after the repair lol. I love that these two are friends, lives were saved today.

  • Rudy -
    Rudy -

    "Catastrophic" means a total engine or transmission failure. Not a broken CV joint. Catastrophic for the wallet though, I'll admit...

  • The interpreter
    The interpreter

    If I had the money, I'd definitely buy this. It looks really nice and I hate seeing nice cars i cant afford.

  • Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas

    That is a Warranty Claim for the Wizard right there. If it was that Bad, He should of never rebuilt and replaced the boots on that Front CV shaft. I would almost bet that the inner drive cup Circlip was not installed properly, hence why the shaft is spinning.

  • Broken Robot
    Broken Robot

    Hoovie has discovered how to handle a broken Range Rover: "Don't fix what's broken and nothing new will break." I'm pretty sure Range Rover puts that in the owner's manual.

  • JP L
    JP L

    Headrest in the ML is too low.. it is dangerous if u get rear ended 😉

  • Ross Field
    Ross Field

    Think I’d go Range Rover, better in winter, interior miles ahead. Always found the ML underwhelming.

  • Yep Yep, Yep, Yep
    Yep Yep, Yep, Yep

    A reason why we don’t like to do axle boots is because you never know how long the bearings have been contaminated, so it’s safer to not rebuild it

  • 79 thump
    79 thump

    This is the exact entertainment i'm looking for as I stock my bomb shelter.

  • The Broken Life
    The Broken Life