My Mercedes ML55 was STOLEN by a Really Stupid Thief.
Hoovies Garage
News story was on 5/13/17. Not sure what I was thinking...
Read more about how I went to extreme lengths to get my Mercedes back in my article here:

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  • Hoovies Garage
    Hoovies Garage

    So obviously the news report was 5/13/17. Sorry. Made this on 2-3 hours of sleep for almost a week straight.

  • Keepmguessin

    If it was stolen from the shop, the shop assumes all liabilty for the safety of the vehicle. As a business, they should be required to insure all vehicles in their shop...

  • Johnathan Sams
    Johnathan Sams

    Jeez that cop in the woods was the friendliest and nicest person I’ve ever seen

  • Jaw Tooth
    Jaw Tooth

    I wish our police department was as nice as yours! they even helped you film part of this! They deserve credit

  • Reggie N Happiness
    Reggie N Happiness

    Good thing it wasn’t the DeLorean. During that high speed chase the thief could have went back to 1985. Once the car reached 88 mph.

  • Truly Infamous
    Truly Infamous

    That's why you should put a GPS tracker under the flooring of the car, wired into the electrical systems, in case of an event like this. It might seem a bit overkill, but it will pay off when things like this happen.

  • Mr Smith
    Mr Smith

    Dude, if your car was stolen from the premises of a detailing shop while it was in THEIR possession; how are they NOT liable????🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

  • Eyal R.
    Eyal R.

    Cop: "Actually, the inside of it is clean!"

  • thelovelyt1

    That detailing businesses insurance should be responsible not your insurance if you ask me. I'd be pointing the finger at them and how they do things.

  • Pdubs 706
    Pdubs 706

    "I will find you and do absolutely nothing because I am a total coward! "

  • eodx100

    Name the dudes on Facebook they lost all privacy rights when they posted to FB with the stolen car

  • *Matthew Noneya*
    *Matthew Noneya*

    This guy is super bummed.

  • Jimmy Heidt
    Jimmy Heidt

    Not much of a car person but dude I feel so bad that this happened to you. Glad it was found in one peace rather being turned into a pile of ashes.

  • Harrison Stone
    Harrison Stone

    Nice job exposing the snitch, but protecting the actual criminal. Very smart

  • Anon Anonme
    Anon Anonme

    Your detailer is legally responsible to make things right.

  • Terry Starks
    Terry Starks

    This is very heart breaking. You seem like a extremely cool guy. I think the detailing shop should be responsible. Again I pray that you get it back up to part.

  • Mark Reynolds-Corden
    Mark Reynolds-Corden

    This was the very first Hoovies Garage video I ever watched and have been a subscriber ever since. Great content, highly entertaining. Thank you Tyler!

  • mckrackin5324

    You're lucky the news story heated it up. Did good for your subs too ;)

  • Justin Z
    Justin Z

    Gotta love cops from the mid-country. So kind and helpful.

  • Ol Dirty
    Ol Dirty

    Doesn't matter what kind of insurance you have. If you leave your car in the possession of a business, the business's insurance is liable for any damage/loss. Every reputable business/company would have it some type of coverage for this loss. It's equivalent to you taking your car to the deal for an oil change and it falls off the lift. You're not liable for their negligence.