My Ram 2500 Cummins 4x4 with 998,000 miles is still GOING STRONG, and LOVES TO WORK!
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  • PDB

    The Killer Dowel Pin (KDP) was specific to the 12-valve 5.9s used in the first gen and part of the second gen run. Yours looks like an early 3rd gen, which would have the 24-valve 5.9, and was no longer an issue. The thing to watch for in it is for a "53" stamping on the block (from Mexico) which has a greater chance of the block cracking.

  • rktrumble

    Tyler, thank you. Over the years you have become more and more entertaining. You are one of my top 3 ITmoresrs and if you ever get to the point of releasing a video every day, I would be watching. Thanks for all your hard work. PS. Please buy the under belly pan for the Ferrari, that’s only going to lead to bad things if not replaced.

  • Randy Bourdon
    Randy Bourdon

    Nice change of pace Tyler, enjoyed this episode. My Grandfather bought this exact same car , same colour and same interior in 1988. He was 88 years old when he bought it, and lived till he was 99. Thanks for the memory!

  • Brand Creates
    Brand Creates

    Thank you for still doing “normal”vehicles! We love both hoovie!

  • Jess Montgomery
    Jess Montgomery

    Built to last, a monument to the engineering team behind it. It makes me sad we live in such a disposal age when we can clearly build things to last.

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson

    Finally, a relaxing , enjoyable vid with Hoovie acting somewhat like an adult. Nice job Tyler, and Bob is really a pretty cool guy too.

  • Maverick Smith
    Maverick Smith

    My 07 6.7 auto has 1.12 million miles now. Still haul cars with it. Still has original motor, original trans (new valve body at 600k) and about due for its 4th turbo. Absolutely love this truck. Full delete of course loo

  • Jordan Cassady
    Jordan Cassady

    More of these car haulin’ videos please, Hoovie.

  • Tofer's Car Tales
    Tofer's Car Tales

    I vividly remember my father slamming the brakes in our family Dodge Diplomat when nearing a yellow light after noticing a cop sitting at the intersection (it was raining). That old Dodge promptly spun around 360 degrees... TWICE and then we ended up driving away as if nothing happened. The cop pulled up beside us and gave my dad a thumbs up and drove off.

  • GMJ

    Wow, that old Diplomat brings back memories from my childhood. My parents had one for years and years. It was a basic model (vinyl bench seats, cream color paint, etc), but the v8 under it was bullet proof and they used it to tow our little camper all over the midwest.

  • CumminsDriver100

    Thanks for the continued saga on the kick ass Cummins!!! And yes, a factory tour would be amazing! I know they use to do this thing where if you submitted proof of how many miles are on your truck, you would get a grill badge saying "Member of the 400,000 Mile Club, 500,000, etc.

  • armando patane
    armando patane

    We like Bob he’s always so kind

  • Forde Fletes
    Forde Fletes

    I’m totally amazed how far you’ve come with ITmores thank you for the videos thank you for always sharing the details it really makes me feel like we’re friends

  • MaxTheAlpha

    I’d love to see some more of these transport series with this truck!!

  • stonepa

    Absolutely love that Diplomat. Many days I wish they still made cars like this, maybe with modern reliability, brakes, etc. Cars that actually had styling

  • Suq Madiq
    Suq Madiq

    I genuinely never thought I’d live to see the day that people would be fawning over a 1988 Diplomat. But here we are.

  • ZGryphon

    The Diplomat reminds me of my first car, a 1984 Oldsmobile. It had the same sort of ultra-comfortable plush velour seats, and sported a similar vinyl faux-cabrio top as was the style with fancy cars back then (with the added bonus of classy little opera lights about where the Dodge's trim-level badges are). Its only flaw was that it drank about as much as the executive who had formerly owned it probably did.

  • Isosceles Kramer
    Isosceles Kramer

    Manufacturers need to bring back the super comfy land yacht style cars. Everything is being sportified, which means the suspensions are also getting "sporty" cause I really like my spine disintegrating on my commute to work.

  • Flies2FLL

    Someone once told me that if you find a $21,000 Dodge truck with the Cummins engine, you are looking at a $20,000 engine bolted into a $1000 truck~

  • O.M

    I would love to see you restore this beautiful truck. What a nice way to reward it for 1M Miles.