The 928 S4 is the LAST CHEAP classic Porsche worth buying
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  • BaltimoreAndOhioRR

    I always loved this car! Even took a test drive and almost bought one from an acquaintance but the maintenance stories scared me away. Still one of my favorite designs of a car of all time. 👍👍

  • M L
    M L

    My friend's dad had one when we were in high school. Of course it was off limits but his parents went away for a couple of weeks so of course we had to do it. Same colour combo as Hoovie's, but an earlier year with an auto.

  • Wade Bowmer
    Wade Bowmer

    All the water-cooled cars from then had a near timeless shape. This 928 is in a really good condition. Good find, Tyler!

  • Vincent T.
    Vincent T.

    Honestly Tyler, this car is the coolest car we've seen bought in a really really long time. I absolutely love this car!

  • broomad

    The 928 is wonderful - so much character and that shape ! Still looks futuristic today

  • Bob Butschek
    Bob Butschek

    The 928 S4 Just wakes up at 120mph!, I know I've owned 9 of them, Wish I could have kept them all, Only have one now, what a Pleasure to drive, People just don't get it? Hoovie, it takes a person like you to give the car the recognition it deserves! Thanks for the video.

  • Wesley Kagan
    Wesley Kagan

    Welcome to 928 ownership, there are almost dozens of us! I'm almost positive those door inserts and steering wheel pad aren't factory- I have a spare burgundy horn pad laying around if you want.

  • Shawn Jordan
    Shawn Jordan

    Growing up in the late 80’s I had multiple Porsche enthusiasts on my street . One family loved the 944 and had multiple incarnations another family had the 911…. I lusted after the S4 the other neighbor drove. Love it !

  • Jack Rosagro
    Jack Rosagro

    The S4 should have the wider wheels at the back with 245 wide rubber, this one seems to have the narrow wheels from the pre 87 models.

  • Niklas Wejedal
    Niklas Wejedal

    Congratulations for buying the most beautiful GT-cruiser ever made - I was so in love with the styling back when the S4 came out and I still think it is just a gorgeous, time-less master piece of automotive design.

  • Junaid Musa
    Junaid Musa

    Please please please keep this one and DRIVE IT. My dad’s was neglected for years and now that i drive it more, it’s so much happier

  • Fransmeister x
    Fransmeister x

    Built like a tank! I love my 928 S4 and most of your comments and assessments are spot on. I agree that it feels surprisingly modern to drive , solid , quiet, comfortable, but with real growl under the hood when needed. And the design is so unique and looked just as amazing in the 80s as it does now. And worth to mention that the S4 was actually the fastest stock road car when it came out. Happy to see it’s getting well deserved recognition. Mine is keeper, yours too!

  • Tomas Truba
    Tomas Truba

    man, this is a hell of a presentation for this car. well done, learned lots.

  • Michael Porter
    Michael Porter

    I remember driving one sometime in the 1990s that was about 3 months old with about 1500 miles on it and getting stuck in heavy traffic on a hot summer day. I watched the temperature guage creep up until I had to pull over and wait about two hours for it to cool down and traffic clear up. I always liked the 928 but I was happy to get back in my Supra that day.

  • Mason Edwards
    Mason Edwards

    This looks like a very tastefully modified car. The previous owner definitely knew what they wanted and had the capital to get it done right.

  • Gary S. Cochrane
    Gary S. Cochrane

    I purchased a 79 928 with 32000 on the clock from the original owner. I had the car for about five years. It was way ahead of it's time. Think about what was on the market back in the late seventies. It drove like a modern car. Because of the low resale value many people who bought a 928 couldn't afford the upkeep and so many 928's with issues changed hands and the problems just mounted. My 928 was very reliable. I kept on top of the maintenance and the car never let me down. It was very comfortable. My opinion is the 928 is one of the best cars Porsche every built. The Achilles heel for me was trying to get my 928 serviced. The local Porsche dealer and so called Porsche specialty shops turned me away. It was very frustrating. Thus I sold the car. My advice to someone considering a 928 is buy the nicest car you can afford. If there is no maintenance records, walk away. It is critical to make sure the timing belt has been serviced. The earlier cars had a Non interference engine. In other words if the belt broke the values were self supporting and would not drop into the engine. Not so with the DOHC units. If the belt breaks you will have a catastrophic engine failure. Also these cars run hot. Make sure the cooling system is in good nick. Hope this helps. Cheers!!!

  • Christopher Fitzgerald
    Christopher Fitzgerald

    I had a 928 S2 for a couple of years back in the '90's. The best car I ever owned. That V8 engine is fantastic and utterly reliable. I paid 7000 pounds for it at an auction and apart from some new tyres after a year, it cost me nothing. My son was a bit too keen to drive it having only passed his test 6 months before and had already written off a Saab 900 Turbo so rather than cause too big an argument I sold the Porsche and bought a Merc 420SE Saloon which he called an old mans car and refused to even get in it. Great for me. As I said I sold the 928 for 5000 pounds and interestingly it was exported by the buyer to New Zealand where they were fetching very high prices. I long to find another 928 that I can afford to buy but the prices are out of reach these days.

  • Jimf

    I agree..the S4 was the best looking of the group. I recall riding around Road America in one of these in the late 80s...very good performance for what I considered a heavy (3500lb) car at that time. 0-60 under 6 seconds and 175mph car. They are a pretty complex car, electronically expect a little higher maintenance.

  • Nord Mann
    Nord Mann

    The 928 was the car that got me interested in Porsche! Sorry to say I’ve never owned one, but a plethora of 911’s over the years. I think I need one now🤔

  • Talos IV
    Talos IV

    I find all of your vids endlessly entertaining, but this one is a favorite. I owned a 1989 928S4 auto years ago, and oftne miss it. It was a great car in many ways, and I really appreciated this walk down memory lane. Many thanks!