The BIGGEST REPAIR BILL the Car Wizard has ever given me. Welcome to Ferrari 355 ownership...
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  • 1SaG

    That shop did an excellent job on that Ferrari. I'd say they added a pretty substantial amount to its resale value. $2,000 well spent.

  • Chris Lambert
    Chris Lambert

    The attention to detail and going above and beyond, even for a 2k contract, really shows why these folks are successful - so many shops just don't care about going that extra mile.

  • zollotech

    Wow that F355 looks great. Hopefully that wheel cap shows up mysteriously in a day or two.

  • Bill Cunningham
    Bill Cunningham

    You should create a “missing” flyer for the lost wheel cap. Make it look like a Milk Carton.

  • Lord Corgi
    Lord Corgi

    Everyone in Kansas are currently searching vigorously on the sides of every road for a Bentley Wheel Cap to sell Hoovie for $1500 🤣

  • Jesse Nelan
    Jesse Nelan

    I love the “you’ve got a bill to pay” skit even though it’s just a joke it’s still funny every time😂

  • Glamper Van Adventures
    Glamper Van Adventures

    Love the way Tyler supports the different types of car businesses in his area 🙌 👏 👌

  • Michael Mayne
    Michael Mayne

    Just got one question for you Mr. Tyler Hoovie. When will there be an update on the million mile Cummins? I’d love to see the odometer roll over to 1,000,000 miles!

  • CybrSlydr

    I personally hate detail work (doing it) - I just don't have the patience for it. But man, few things are as satisfying as seeing a car after it's been done by a professional like that. Wow!

  • Elliott Golden
    Elliott Golden

    That detail shop is seriously impressive. It's hard to find that quality of work around these days.

  • Pete Quinones
    Pete Quinones

    On the yellow, the bottom looks a few shades lighter on camera. Am i seeing things? Looks great at most angles. The detail work transformed this car. A color matched hardtop would make it absolutely perfect.

  • batsonelec C
    batsonelec C

    the yellow came out great, I wish they had painted that one panel that had been painted before so it matched the new work all along the bottom. You have 3 minor shade differences now and it could have just been 2. Would have been worth a few hundred to repaint it also. Other than that, well spent $2000. Put some black fabric tape on that top split to get you by till you replace the top.

  • Ryan Hoffmann
    Ryan Hoffmann

    In the lighting of the Wizard's shop, you cannot tell that anything was repainted. Vango must use super-intense lights so it appeared to match worse than in natural light. Just shows what letting professionals work on your car can do!

  • First Gear
    First Gear

    from sitting on backroads with hoopties , to now owning exotics and showing us all the struggles lol. watching you helped me get through a tough time 4 years ago by falling in love with cars again

  • adam

    Holy cow the wizard lost a lot of weights looks good. Hope all is well

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas

    Wow, that paint shop smashed it out of the park! Maximum kudos to a very talented team.

  • Erik Runas
    Erik Runas

    Stuart and his crew did an amazing job. Looks great

  • James Casas
    James Casas

    I was rooting for you so hard to find that wheel cap, Hoovie. Would've been a big W but alas, it delivered the comedy gold in the sentence "Stuff just falls off your Bentley."

  • James Tait
    James Tait

    I'd retrace my steps again for that wheelcap Hoovie, definitely worth trying to find it over buying a new one

  • Eric

    The 355 is one of my favorite cars of all time... and despite long-having the ability to buy one (and properly care for it), I've not been able to bring myself to do it... because I know it's just going to pain me with large bills. And because I don't do "hooptie," I'd be giving it everything it needs non-stop... which is clearly a lot. Instead, I choose to own and maintain a first generation R8 V10. It's every ounce as beautiful to me (just very different design styles - despite being designed by an Italian - Walter De Silva), sounds every bit as good with a NA V10 revving to nearly 9k RPM, but it's also built by Germans.... so it doesn't crumble to pieces when you use it. The 355 will always hold a special place in my heart, but I'm not sure I'll ever see fit to buy one.