The cheapest Ferrari 458 parts shipment is in, and I REGRET NOTHING as it drains my wallet
Hoovies Garage
Help Chance get another MR2 after the tornado (every $ helps)
Thanks to valvetronic for sending an amazing exhaust:
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  • Hoovies Garage
    Hoovies Garage

    PLEASE help Chance get another MR2 after an F3 tornado used it as a battering ram and slammed it through a cinder block wall at the YMCA (every $ helps)

  • Caped Wonder
    Caped Wonder

    I'm happy with your decision not to put the giveaway on camera. It lets the people receiving the truck keep their dignity. Not only do I like you but I respect you as well. Good job Tyler.

  • Joseph FireStalker
    Joseph FireStalker

    You're an amazing person Hoovie, other ITmoresrs wouldn't have taken another second to think about exploiting someone's misfortune for views. Good for you for doing it off camera.

  • Robert Holt
    Robert Holt

    Someone who is humble in his success is rare these days. There is lots to be said for "down home roots". Thumbs up Hoovie!

  • myahoff

    Apparently Hoovie didn't learn his lesson with Ferrari's shooting flames...

  • For Nife
    For Nife

    Australia just recently legislated that manufacturers need to hand over key information so independent mechanics like the Wizard can repair cars without highway robbery costs dealers had been charging for their technical info.

  • Ian Former
    Ian Former

    Tyler as an MR2 owner (I have 7 AW11s) I feel for this fellow. I have shared this vid in a few of my MR2 groups in hopes that us MR2 folks can find a good replacement for him.

  • FSFLIGHTproductions

    Massive respect for giving away something and not making the situation feel forced on a family.

  • Sunburn

    I’m glad you two have the kind of relationship where you can feel each other’s motor mounts…

  • Darth Bane
    Darth Bane

    You're an amazing person Hoovie!! Kodus to you for giving away the Excursion and not exploiting the family. This world needs more people like you. Keep up the great work!!

  • DrBreezeAir

    What you're doing for the community here is absolutely stellar, Tyler.

  • umad42

    This is why I like Tyler, he's genuinely a really good guy. These disasters really show people's truest colors, and I'm glad to see Tyler doing as much good as he can

  • Anthony

    Pulling for you, Chance! Donated and hope to hear about your future car.

  • Daniel Bowen
    Daniel Bowen

    Good on you for not exploiting people's suffering for views, Hoovie. Please keep helping people with your cars and we'll keep watching.

  • VDPEFi

    Super classy to donate off camera, can only imagine how devastating it would be to go through something like that and lose something so valuable, I myself wouldn't care to take charity really but an honest goodwill gesture with no subtext is a great thing

  • K B
    K B

    You're a great guy donating a car to those in need and helping out another, and many others prior I've seen. Such devastation. Glad you and your family were safe. Thanks for all you do.

  • Jake Mathers
    Jake Mathers

    Very cool of you Tyler, overall a good dude, from buying people’s cars and giving them the car and the money to your car give always to serious tone with the scammers from when you were selling your cars to helping people in a rut, you’re one cool dude hoovie and that’s why I have been a fan and watch all your videos over the years, rock on man 🤘🏼🇺🇸

  • BoberMcBoberson

    Thank you for helping these people in such a dignified way Hoovie. You really are a good person!

  • 1fastkar

    I'm truly impressed at how Tyler keeps this channel fresh and engaging with new hoopties. At the same time I appreciate how he also maintains his cache of collectibles (e.g., the Countach). Always entertaining! Stay safe out there in Tornado Alley!

  • Madhav Menon
    Madhav Menon

    Hoovie is grinding out ITmores these days. Love to see it