The cheapest Ford Excursion arrived with STOLEN parts and a STRAIGHT PIPED V10!
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  • Tim Otheus
    Tim Otheus

    I borrowed one of these for a youth group trip well over a decade ago, and I can remember watching the gas gauge move in real-time. Awesome truck, though!

  • Auto Auction Rebuilds
    Auto Auction Rebuilds

    In this market anything that moves is worth at least $4k

  • MichaelG1986

    "This is by far the loudest car that I currently own." Hoovie's neighbors: "We know."

  • daniel munson
    daniel munson

    Those v10's sound pretty nice with a good exhaust system.

  • Tim O' Callaghan
    Tim O' Callaghan

    weld-in replacement rocker panels and even floors are still in stock in the US for this generation of excursion for less than $100 for both sides.. it's surely worth putting an additional $2000-$3000 into this thing, to just replace the cat and stop the rust from getting any worse! it's super cool

  • Joseph Coloso
    Joseph Coloso

    I respect you for not putting "lemons" or death traps back on the road even if you lose money on it

  • fiily

    Hoovie: "Massive brake fluid leak, so not going to drive highway speeds"

  • Яyan

    I love this type of content! Cheap cars us average people could buy!

  • Nexus Yang
    Nexus Yang

    We had several of these at FEMA for emergency and they are a beast as they hauled a lot of gear. Very useful and also comfortable when the environment we were in were not.

  • Christian Larson
    Christian Larson

    It’s never ceases to impress me how quickly and yet throughly wizard is able to diagnose issues. Crazy talented mechanic.

  • A Thompson
    A Thompson

    Listening to Tyler floor the accelerator to racecourse decibels, while watching the scenery leisurely scrolling by, reminds me of the boy-racers in their Honda Civics, modified with a coffee can exhaust tip! 😄

  • Fred Kennedy
    Fred Kennedy

    When I went out to Iceland years ago, they had blacked out, lifted versions of these with massive tires, built for off-road rental. They were DOPE! You should build one of those. They were eye-catching to say the least.

  • Richard Carlson
    Richard Carlson


  • letzrok

    I'd take it in a heartbeat. Been dreaming of one for years but prices have been climbing for a while now.


    I smiled when I saw the oil drain plug right next to the oil filter. Simplicity with no need to break your wrist in three places.

  • An argylewanderer
    An argylewanderer

    I really miss my 03 Excursion. It was probably the only vehicle that my 6'7" chassis fit into comfortably. Should have never sold it...

  • Scott Warmbier
    Scott Warmbier

    A salesman and my manager years ago both had Excursions (when they were new) - I don't think either had the V10 but one thing was for sure - you weren't the smallest thing on the road when you drove one. There definitely was a time when you could buy one for only a few grand but when the alternative (at least from Ford) was just the Expedition EL and when the V8 was no longer available the values on Excursions went way high and have seemed to stay that way.

  • lizarddog141

    I don’t know if there’s a place I’d feel less safe than walking under an excursion on that lift

  • Tom The Plummer
    Tom The Plummer

    The “recycling facilities” that accept and pay money for these are equally criminal. Make them quit paying thieves and only truly recycled cats will result.


    "should they make the Excursion again?" Hell yes they should!