The HIDDEN RUST on my cheap Silverado SS has broken my heart (and my wallet) Wizard wants me OUT!
Hoovies Garage
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  • Hoovies Garage
    Hoovies Garage

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  • Scott Butts
    Scott Butts

    I'd honestly rather watch Hoovie spend $10k fixing a $6k vehicle than spend $30k fixing a $300k vehicle. It's more relatable to viewers and since I maintain my cars myself, I don't really worry about the labor cost for repairs

  • Tyrone Shoelaces
    Tyrone Shoelaces

    I hope the exposure that your detailer gets from being on your channel makes him a millionare, for I have seen what he can do and it's amazing.

  • Gassy Mic
    Gassy Mic

    just proves that the wizard is a bro and really fair in deals. what a guy and really cool to see your interactions and sillyness.

  • Terence Hawkes
    Terence Hawkes

    Rust never sleeps. Here in Ottawa Canada, we use huge amounts of salt on the roads so we have lots of experience with rusty cars. The lesson is that it is NEVER worthwhile to fix any rust. The problem is not what you can see. It is what you can't see, and it is always far, far worse.

  • Ed Ricco Music
    Ed Ricco Music

    The GMT800 platform definitely was GM's finest work in the 1/2 ton truck category. My parents just recently sold their '03 Chevy Avalanche and it still drove great. As an unlucky owner of a '21 Silverado 1500 that shares its time 50/50 between our garage and dealership service department, I can definitely say they are a shadow of what they used to build 20 years ago and I can't wait to sell it. I also completely agree that the modern seats are rock hard; we have memory foam cushions on top of the front seats to make them bearable.

  • Joshua Adams
    Joshua Adams

    What I can, as a 32 year life long Texan, yes when you get 20-30 year old Texas car, you’ll have zero rust whatsoever, but you’ll likely NEVER find one with original pain that isn’t shot. You have to trade the paint (Texas sun) to save the body from rust. It’s a win in my book lol

  • Jacob Asuncion
    Jacob Asuncion

    First the Escalade, then the Silverado SS, and now the Suburban Z71 I absolutely love that Tyler has an appreciation for GMT800 trucks and suvs

  • ty2k

    This channel really scratches the car itch for me. Always a great variety of vehicles and ridiculous projects that I would never have the time or money to get into myself. Love it.

  • KevBot

    Wizard just wants the truck to use it as a bong 😂

  • abidamn

    It appears that the Wizard has realized that it'd be a good thing for a mechanic's ITmores channel to follow Tyler's formula (without the dumbing down part).

  • Patrick Goncalves
    Patrick Goncalves

    The Chevy Silverado SS drives awesome, sad that we won't see it get fixed up the way you do usually. It's clear Wizard likes it too.

  • Cammed 1LE
    Cammed 1LE

    Yes. Obs and nbs are definitely the most comfortable seats. I’ve always said the same thing about the 2007+ seats. Especially the newest gen, they suck.

  • Lucas

    You should add pictures when you're talking about a certain generation of a car, so that we can know what you're talking about.

  • ZNA03

    That road master is amazing! Cant wait to see how it turns out. My Mom had a caprice wagon in white while I was in middle school think it was a 96 with the LT1. I remember she was the coolest to ride with because I always got priority for riding in the 3rd row. Also remember she backed it off a driveway swail and had to have the tow truck pull her out 🤣 guess the heavy pig dug itself in to deep.

  • TheRealAlpha2

    I didn't hate the "Riptide blue" thing, it was obvious you'd been intoxicated by it, so it was fun to watch like watching someone hopped up on gas.

  • spikedpunk

    Love the Suburban, the GMT-800 series is about the best. Everything you said is very true. The GMT-400 series are also quite decent. We have Suburbans , one a diesel 1996 and 5.3 2001. Both have recieved very dedicated and ongoing rust proofing treatments to keep them rust free. We wish for them to last a very long time. Enjoy your new Suburban, nothing else really compares to them in that segmant!

  • Brian J
    Brian J

    Please keep this suburban this time. It’s a beautiful truck. As a Minnesota resident, we have rust boxes here without driving past Iowa.

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas

    Stuart: "We have secrets" ... this, I cannot wait for. Awesome to see VanGo again... they are artists. Props to Wizard getting you out of the brown stuff too - I bet he'll pimp that SS up a treat.

  • Remoh19

    "Life long Texas truck" is the new "Riptide Blue" 😂