The new BIG Bronco is Ford's BIGGEST FAIL since the Edsel
Hoovies Garage
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  • Hoovies Garage
    Hoovies Garage

    Sorry I was gone for so long! Ive been tied up filming season 2 of car issues, but at least there’s new Car Trek to watch! Am I being too hard on the horrible Bronco rollout?

  • smpstech

    Internet: I wish manufacturer's would stop putting covers on engines. Let us see them!

  • JubeProductions

    As soon as the dude said, "I'll pay you $30k over list for the truck", I would have handed him the keys.

  • Dave Sirikientong
    Dave Sirikientong

    Perfect example of the reason why actual car people never buy first year models

  • Gregory Murphy
    Gregory Murphy

    I've watched other videos demonstrating how incredibly capable this Bronco is. It does stuff no one would ever do with their $60K vehicle. The reality is buyers who endure 15mpg to drop the kids off at school and head to the supermarket.

  • rovpilot1

    A removable cover would be smart, but an engine that you can reach in and see what's going on isn't so bad either

  • john king
    john king

    I love the comparison videos for the new broncos vs the new Jeeps. The broncos do extremely well on the trails without modifications. The one thing many of us would appreciate is an affordable option without all the electrical nightmares that Jeep's and Ford provides it's customers.

  • bo duke
    bo duke

    Also Hoovie lecturing anyone about wise financial car decisions is comedy gold.

  • Bryan G.
    Bryan G.

    The issue I have where you open the hood and there isn’t a engine cover is that when you go off-road you do not want one, all it does is make it harder to work on.

  • Average Floridian
    Average Floridian

    Wow. That engine bay looks very 1980s Ford... which is terrifying.

  • Just Me
    Just Me

    That roof issue reminds me of the Hummer H3 that I had. The plastic trim was cracked where the roof met the A pillar the day I picked it up. They placed an order for a new one. During one of my monthly trips to the service department I was told that it was a known issue and they were on backorder. I had it for 2 years and they never got a replacement piece. Between that, the service 4WD light that constantly came on, the clunky front end, buzzy brake pump, crappy ABS, rattling skid plates, etc., I couldn't wait to give it back to GM. That was the last UAW turd I ever had.

  • plastRd2thewall

    The dealership I just bought my Lariat Powerboost at had 8-10 of these all waiting for the owners that ordered them. That dealer also told me that the entire next year is already ordered. I think Ford didn't expect to sell so many, and they can't ramp up production from supply issues.

  • David Lavery
    David Lavery

    The 2.7l has actually proven to be one of Ford's most reliable engines. Tons of power as well. And plenty of people with over 200k miles on them without a single issue. Yes I do think this motor will last to 300k if maintained properly.

  • James David Walley
    James David Walley

    Lovely orange paint job - looks almost like Minute Maid juice. Because, really, what goes together better than a Ford Bronco and O.J.?

  • Austin Johnson
    Austin Johnson

    Damn you didn’t have to roast the poor dude so hard on his own suv 😂

  • reg barnsdale
    reg barnsdale

    I love friends (a++holes) like this guy. I had a new GTO in '70 and my friends just picked it apart! Luckily you learn to weed out those so called 'friends' as you age.

  • hanging with mike
    hanging with mike

    I actually like that its not covered up with plastic runs cooler and easier to get to everything

  • fallenbishop

    This was uploaded the day mine rolled off the assembly plant... Took delivery of it October 6th... LOVE IT!!! first day reservation and early as I could with actual order... Yes, it was a delivery mess... but at least I am not waiting on a cyber truck... If supply chains were not screwed up it may have gone smoother, look at every dealer lot for every company... empty...

  • chad foster
    chad foster

    The cool thing about old broncos was that they were not so complicated

  • EweToobUsername

    The best part of sponsored videos is skipping the sponsored segment.