This $80,000 Chevy Explorer Conversion Van Is A Private Jet For The Road (Makes Escalade Feel Cheap)
Hoovies Garage
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  • Davis Designs
    Davis Designs

    Tyler's wife probably thinking,

  • Dominique Hebert
    Dominique Hebert

    I grew up in the 80's and Dad always had at least one custom, trophy winning van. Usually they had amazing painted art on the side panels or just amazing paint jobs. They were often "sleepers" and had a minibar with a tiny sink and fresh cold water. The back seat was usually a custom couch that folded out and made a bed. These full-size vans drive awesome. Dad still always has a class b camper-van and they still drive like its floating on air. That's my 2 cents,, thanks for listening.

  • Stephan Garcia
    Stephan Garcia

    My mom had one when I was a kid. There was nothing cooler than watching “Tommy Boy” while going on vacation. We felt so spoiled!

  • Ohioguy

    I believe they start with a passenger van which already has the windows not a cargo version. I take one of these over an Escalade any day

  • Hazel M
    Hazel M

    People don’t really buy Escalades and Yukon’s for luxury anymore... People just buy those suvs for the image they get at the school pickup line.

  • Jack McDaniel
    Jack McDaniel

    I own a 2006 9 passenger Explorer conversion van and we love it. All 4 of my kids played "travel" sports and we've taken this van all over the country. Now that my kids are in college, I take all the seats out and I can haul an "apartment" load of stuff in it.

  • Simbyote

    I don’t think you’re ever more genuinely excited than when you buy a conversion van, Hoover. The heart wants what it wants. 😂

  • Nick M
    Nick M

    “If you got the short wheelbase van, it would probably be a bit shorter”

  • blunt force
    blunt force

    I’m really digging this van me and my wife are actually considering one we never knew and for a van it has some power

  • Wild Tangent
    Wild Tangent

    I worked at a gas station many years ago and there was a family that had one of these that came by regularly (that gas mileage lol). They had 7 kids, so I guess it was kinda necessary haha. Usually it was just mom and the van after dropping off the kiddos wherever, but every Sunday it was the whole lot, in their Sunday best.

  • Vengadesh Kannavathy
    Vengadesh Kannavathy

    Doug:I reviewed an $8 million Hypercar.

  • Michael Lopour
    Michael Lopour

    Rode in one of these on a road trip when I was a kid. They're the best, certainly for that. I assume they were made less popular by minivans (which were cheaper for similar cargo) and by minivans (because they killed the van as something desirable). You really can't make the SUVs any bigger so it's possible these come back at some point, although isn't that what Ford is doing with the Transit?

  • Steve

    A fridge in arms reach of the driver seat and a bed in the back to pass out in? This van is an alcoholics dream

  • US Cars
    US Cars

    I love it that they still build them! I used to have a conversion van...and probably would return to it!

  • Shipfus Are Laifu
    Shipfus Are Laifu

    I remember having an Explorer conversion van back in the 90s. My parents bought it used. It was super nice.

  • John Burt
    John Burt

    I had a 98 GMC Savana conversion van and it was one of the BEST vehicles that I have ever owned. Total luxury for less!

  • Craig the great
    Craig the great

    I used to own a 2004 hightop conversion van very similar to this one and I loved it! We drove from FL to Wyoming and back pulling a loaded enclosed trailer and 6 people. It still did 90 on the highway no problem

  • Jay Coxtable
    Jay Coxtable

    Much respect for this review. Like a private jet on wheels.

  • Jared Drake
    Jared Drake

    Other Automotive ITmoresrs: "Today we got the 488 Spyder and Aventador SVJ!"

  • Ahmad Bilal
    Ahmad Bilal

    That van is such a looker. I've seen one in person and this thing puts lots of luxurious rides to shame.