This Nissan 300ZX Turbo was in storage for over 20 years, BUT STILL RUNS! Is it worth saving???
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  • Hoovies Garage
    Hoovies Garage

    To start comparing quotes and simplify insurance-buying, check out Policygenius:

  • Dan K
    Dan K

    Definitely would have liked to see that brought back to life. The Ferrari’s are cool and all but this would have really been cool to see.

  • Izell Houston
    Izell Houston

    This 300Z would have been one of your coolest “rebirths”. This car would have taken your channel back to its roots. Normal people like me like to see the exotics but a car like this is so exciting to see brought back to life.

  • Kamal Mortada
    Kamal Mortada

    This is kamal ,I sold the car to hoovie and I bought it back, it is going to a good home a gentleman that have always wanted one and he is going to spend money on it and bring it back to the shape it deserves.


    I have to admit: it's getting really old with all the exotics on every ITmores channel.

  • Ruffneck_Asian

    This would’ve been a great content to watch. I’m with everyone, should’ve fixed it and the car wizard can make a profit on top of fixing the car as well by just documenting the restoration on his ITmores channel which I’m sure a lot of us is also subscribed to

  • Tyler P.
    Tyler P.

    The cut wires in the engine are from the Nissan recall/service campaign for the fuel injectors in the 1990's. The injectors and wires were known to catch on fire, so Nissan fixed it by issuing a patch harness amongst other items to be replaced. Since the injectors batch fire, it was easier to cut the four other injector leads, cap them off, and run the injectors off two injector leads only. The recall patch harness can be identified by the two yellow stripes on the fuel injector harness seen in the video.

  • Elmwood Homstead
    Elmwood Homstead

    Surprised by this.

  • rtt987

    I never comment on your videos, Tyler. I love your content. But This seriously a missed opportunity. The Japanese car scene has a huge following and putting 8 to 10k into this to get it where it needs to be isn't that bad. Every youtuber has a Ferraris and Lamborghini cars. This Nissan is an absolute gem.

  • Sam Bone
    Sam Bone

    To me, this is far more interesting than just another Ferrari or Lambo. The 80's Japanese stuff is getting hot and that car will easily be worth the $13k you'll have into it and more. Would have been great content as well.

  • RichieSA77

    This is an incredible car. It really needs saving - either by yourself or someone else

  • Tyler Walk
    Tyler Walk

    I’m with a lot of these people, that car would actually be worth saving, nobody cares about the junk Ferrari or the ML63, but this would actually be a cool car

  • Thomas Bloomer
    Thomas Bloomer

    This was a car to save!!!!!!!

  • Exotic Handyman
    Exotic Handyman

    It’s really strange that Hoovie wouldn’t fix this car. It’s perfect for the channel. Right in your wheelhouse. Cars like this are why I watch. I’m not mad, just disappointed.

  • JJ

    I need to agree with some others, it’s a Japanese Ferrari and once repaired it would be super reliable. It’s worth saving.

  • Dominic Cellini
    Dominic Cellini

    I was really hoping to see a Japanese car make its way to the channel again since it's been so long. I'm with the others here in saying I love the exotics but find a car like this to be a little more interesting.

  • Ellis

    Should have kept the car. A series of this thing being restored would have been awesome.

  • Bazel Grimaldi
    Bazel Grimaldi

    I finally see something on this channel that would make sense to throw money at.... A very nice rust free 300 z, which are a dieing breed and soon to be unobtainable. Please do this car hoovie

  • jesus luna
    jesus luna

    When he said no to fixing it, my soul felt itself crumble to pieces.The dissapointment...the heartbreak...THE PAIIIIINNNNN 😫😫😫

  • Kalepsis

    This ZX is probably the best purchase you've made in years. Of course you should fix it. I'd actually recommend a full restoration for this one, it's SO COOL.