This rare Chevrolet Silverado SS was DUMPED on me CHEAP. Is it worth SAVING?
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  • MisterMsk

    Needs a hood so might as well stack the engine up with a super charger and get a L88 truck hood for it.

  • Reggie Reginato
    Reggie Reginato

    Little rough, but a steal for that price. I honestly was expecting to be like the Subaru you had under it. So... Yes to spray can restore of the frame. Yes to the minor repairs. And big YES to all the power mods like supercharger. :-) Big no to 24" wheels and rubber band tires though (blech).

  • TheTruthBeTold

    This is why I love watching hoovies videos. He buys such a variety of vehicles to keep everyone entertained.

  • Steve G
    Steve G

    I'd say go for the "Supercharger" upgrade and do some suspension upgrades as well. BTW, the truck looks good too.

  • Bubba Smith
    Bubba Smith

    Speaking as someone from the rust belt it’s always entertaining watching southerners “discovering” rust…that truck appears to be a heck of a deal for 5k…looking forward to seeing what you do to it. Personally I’d be inclined to bolt on an LSA and supporting mods and let the shenanigans begin.

  • Dave 365
    Dave 365

    It’s nice to know at least all the warning lights work. 👍🏻

  • Iron Fan
    Iron Fan

    NO OTHER ITmoresr on the planet would be kind enough to spoon his mechanics. 😁

  • ben h
    ben h

    I've got an 04 SS, and I did the Whipple kit (quite a bit more since then, too). Let me tell you, you will love it. A coworker did a twin turbo kit on his 05, and the Whipple is just better. Bolt on, driveability, everything.


    I have the escalade of this year with the same engine and it's amazing how reliable the ls engines are. Downfall is the gas mileage and electrical gremlins every few years. Easy to work on and parts are everywhere.

  • Racerx

    It’s worth the time to remove the bed and wire wheel the rust n POR15 the frame parts. Just cut out the cross member for the spare. Great platform to make a cool project out of.

  • jttoyer

    I also love these GMT800 trucks Hoovie, but you have to watch out for frame rust. I have parted both an Avalanche and a Silverado due to holes that had developed in the frame from rust - might want to pull the bed and POR15 the frame as suggested. As for the supercharger, I think that is a great idea, if not a turbo kit... ; )

  • Jeremy Larson
    Jeremy Larson

    I love how hoovie spent more attention looking at this $5000 vehicle than he did on the super charger

  • Scott K.
    Scott K.

    Might be worth just removing the bed to get to the shocks, exhaust, fuel tank/straps, fuel lines, EVAP canister, etc. Then POR 15 the frame and axle while the bed is still off.

  • Ken Hildebrand Jr
    Ken Hildebrand Jr

    Super charging it and totally updating it with better handling sounds really good. You do a lot of restoration and it's been a while since you did a real build, here's your chance.

  • GnatGoSplat

    I have a 99 Silverado GMT800, first model year. Got it in '02. I remember lusting after these when they came out, but at the time were too new and too expensive for me. Settled with putting SS wheels and lip spoiler on mine. Still have it. Just under 200k miles and I've never touched the engine or transmission, never left me stranded. Doesn't leak a drop either. Great trucks, though body rot is definitely an issue. Supercharging it would be a cool project, definitely would like to watch that. Also really curious if those rocker moldings are hiding rust or if they somehow reduced it.

  • Sean Malone
    Sean Malone

    Great buy! A full restoration would be great content for sure. Still my favorite truck to this day.

  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin

    Definitely supercharge it. They can hold a good amount of boost on a stock motor. Just don't go overboard and start bending rods lol

  • drdickinson12

    Well, if we are talking about a supercharger (factory one of of a LSA might be an option) and bolts on, might be worth it to get the rectangular port heads out of a 6.2 or late model 6.0, you might need to check valve clearance tho, factory LY6 (late gen IV 6.0) pistons should take care of that, as well as lowering the compression to a more boost friendly 9.6:1, and while you are there, LSA/LS9 head gaskets, gen IV rods (they are stronger) and bigger ring gap.

  • Gschaib

    Supercharge it or turbo it! That would be amazing to see this thing have a glow up like that.

  • Dr. No
    Dr. No

    I can guess we all agree with you on a supercharger for this, keep it looking stock though!