This Rare Mercedes ML63 AMG was DUMPED on me CHEAP for the DUMBEST REASON!
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  • chrismcca

    Finally, a car that reminds us why we started watching hoovies, the kind of hooptie we all want to risk and can actually afford to.

  • Sterlin N
    Sterlin N

    Hoovie is inching closer to becoming a complete vehicle encyclopedia everyday.

  • Dr. Mantis Toboggan
    Dr. Mantis Toboggan

    Thanks for giving her a good home Hoovie. I'm glad you will keep her on the road. My daughter left a Frozen dvd in the player for your daughter.

  • The DocMack Car Channel
    The DocMack Car Channel

    When you see expensive tires, and excellent exterior and interior , it has definitely been looked after

  • Steve Gee
    Steve Gee

    08' ML63 owner. Have Wizard check intake cams and old vs new headbolts. You know the m156 engine issue and part of that I think is that you have a very race car engine design from AMG, not the normal Mercedes design. I would also think that a m156 in a ML63 would have not been thrashed on as much as one in a c63. The valve train needs oil if it has been sitting, so I always let my 08' drop from fast idle at start up before driving. Usually takes like 30 seconds. The hatch needs to be run with its lift motor several cycles to reset limit switches. Other things to look out for on the w164 family is the rear SAM module sits behind the right rear turn signal area and the seals could leak and get water into the area of the SAM. Water damage or corrosion issues could then happen. As for interior trim level, they were much closer to the E Class of the day.

  • Bob McL
    Bob McL

    This one just makes that $9k Subaru look even more like a total rip off!

  • IC

    Well, I would think the rear hatch thinking it’s open and the interior lights on all the time would definitely be a good start for the battery drain. Very nice combo and options, hopefully this one turns out good. Seems good so far!

  • Kaktus965

    To the viewer who sold this to Hoovie, thanks for giving my home boy a well needed break 👍👍

  • Jack

    It's as fun to see the rare and interesting things roll through as the complete dumpster fires. The ML63 is the second most interesting 63 of the era, only the R63 has more weird coolness to it. This one looks like a genuinely good and well kept car, too. I'm a bit envious, I'd have happily traded my E39 540i for this thing(it's perfectly sorted and looks very pretty but has almost a quarter million miles on it. Kind of a fun story behind this car.) I'm sure even I could sort out the issues on it for a reasonable cost. It's hard to see this as anything but a home run, well done!

  • Герман Заблодский
    Герман Заблодский

    Bought one last summer. After nine months of driving I can honestly say that it is the best all around car I've owned. No issues so far. Good for city driving, even better for highway. Most comfortable seats. The car was well maitained by the previous owner, though. With "Agility" mode on, acceleration is impressive!

  • GarageNextDoor

    Yes!!! Another ML on the channel, Tyler just remember not to take it to any sketchy detailing shop again (if you know you know!)

  • Youchoob1

    A great buy indeed and love your work! Just to clarify for anyone interested, I had an airbag go bang while in the raised off-road setting and after lowering the car to ‘normal’ position I drove it home 150 miles or so almost as normal but with a little extra care. No need to be concerned about being stranded somewhere as such. These ML63’s are so much damned fun!

  • Brad Piovesan
    Brad Piovesan

    I remember seeing them new and after all these years they’ve aged well. I’d sort and keep for sure.

  • Mark Faulkner
    Mark Faulkner

    Check for water leaks in the “wells” behind the rear inspection hatches in the boot (trunk). Water can get in behind the rear light clusters and soak your electrics.

  • Mark James
    Mark James

    The air shocks themselves tend to announce failure by leaking down overnight. The bigger issue is pump failure, which leaves you with no suspension once the shocks have bled down.

  • DGW 404
    DGW 404

    Always makes my day when Tyler finds a good one. This channel is all about how not to get dorked when buying a used car.

  • MrForcat

    Love that car, probably one of the very few I would get without thinking of potential trouble these days.

  • nate b
    nate b

    Finally an actual hoopty! I’m super happy I was getting real sick of super cars. Maybe it’s just jealousy because I’m a poor person. But I like seeing cars get saved from the parts yard.

  • WhattheVloggity

    Love when King Hoovie gives us sales price!!!! Woo! Already know this is going to be a good one!

  • jg 2019
    jg 2019

    Thank you for your videos! You regularly demonstrate a wide ranging knowledge and love for cars that is entertaining and obviously greatly appreciated! You are so fortunate to be able enjoy the spectrum of awesome rides you share with your audience on a regular basis..even though it costs you a fortune!