Was buying the MOST UNRELIABLE Ferrari ever made a HUGE MISTAKE?
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  • Hoovies Garage
    Hoovies Garage

    New Hoovie's Garage Woodie T-shirts and $5 stickers! Buy a sticker and tag me @hooviesgarage on Twitter and I'll share my favorites at the end of the video!

  • Jonathan Tversky
    Jonathan Tversky

    Hoovie, that 300SD just has too much history for you to sell - it's almost like your SL in that regard. Regardless of what you do with the Roadmaster, you've gotta keep the Merc!

  • William Egler
    William Egler

    I spent my younger years supporting numerous vehicle's with expensive mechanical needs.

  • Victor Hyde
    Victor Hyde

    Of all the ... "less than optimal" choices that have been made on this channel, keeping that fantastic SEL is by far the best :D

  • Gob

    Keep the 300SD, the sentimental value of it being the first ITmores car is more than enough reason. Toy with the Chevy then sell once you get tired off it and need to get rid of a car. No point in keeping that one if it’s not the same exact car you once had and tried to get back.

  • Throckmorton

    I LOVE the 300SD!! As a huge fan of old Mercedes diesels, I've been following your channel since the very beginning, Hoovie. DON'T sell the 300SD!!

  • Ryan Klapperich
    Ryan Klapperich

    Here's a solution: Keep the Roadmaster and sell the Merc to the Wizard. Keep it in the family!

  • Clell Biggs
    Clell Biggs

    Still one of the best sounding engines ever made.

  • Crashedmonkey

    I get you want the wagon, but keep the diesel, its attached to way too many "firsts", and don't let it turn into that "I wish I had kept it" later in life :P

  • fvhitman4hire

    Mercedes 300SD was our family car growing up. It was a Tank and, from what I recall, the most reliable and low maintenance car we owned. Sadly, a Ford truck with bumper bars rear ended us at a stop light going 40mph (according to the report)... rear end was beyond repair, but we did not suffer any injuries and were able to drive the car home.

  • Eddie Truhead
    Eddie Truhead

    Love to have seen this Bromance blossom over time. The fact that it’s based on their love for cars makes it even better.

  • Latitude 9.5 North
    Latitude 9.5 North

    The MB "safety cone" door latches have a white plastic bumper in the body striker. Replace the plastic insert or the whole striker and the door will shut like magic.

  • Marcus Josefsson
    Marcus Josefsson

    If you decide to keep the Mercedes (which I think you will), crank up the fuel pump and the turbo boost a bit. It's really easy to get more than 150 HP from that engine.

  • Luke Wisler
    Luke Wisler

    I enjoy the mix of hoopties and dream cars. It is a awesome yin and yang relationship that I love.

  • Milan Asanovic
    Milan Asanovic

    that glorious engine sound makes it almost worth the hassle & the expense

  • melangeken

    I like how Tyler still acts like he's surprised. :D He knows damn well his pockets are getting emtied.

  • 42luke

    Keep this Mercedes! You are a car guy and deserve to still be driving during an EMP/Solar Flare!

  • sean hershey
    sean hershey

    Love the Merc...hoping you keep both..& have some fun with the Roadmaster & Jeebus the 355 sounds amazing.

  • John

    Hoovies bank account: Yes

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith

    Keep the green diesel machine!!! Being able to buy it back hardly ever happens, take it as a sign that you need to keep it.