We found more "STUFF" inside my Maserati Levante repo while trying to remove the horrible DRUG SMELL
Hoovies Garage
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Commenti: 2 175
  • kragothable

    love your content with Vango. seeing what is possible and for how much is great.

  • Torks

    Vango is such an impressive company. You can see just how much enthusiasm and joy they have for restoration. And the owner seems like such a nice chap. You scored big time finding this place Tyler.

  • Plekto's Gaming
    Plekto's Gaming

    Fun fact: GM overbuilt the Roadmaster line to the point where they were losing many thousands per car. Note that most manufacturers only spend roughly half what the car costs to make it, and the rest is taken up by marketing, worker salaries, options, and so on. So on a $40K car ( at the time ), they were spending something stupid like $35K on materials and losing thousands per car. Even fully loaded, with every option added to increase profit, they still lost money. It's also why it was built well enough to be restored back like this. Sadly, most are junk by now, usually being abused to death over the years.

  • motorbiker46

    This has to be one of the most satisfying episodes of Hoovies Garage.

  • Jezza

    Love how excited he is about detailing/restoration. That’s the kind of person you want to do business with.

  • David Arbery
    David Arbery

    $4,200 for that amount of work seems extremely reasonable! Massive transformation and bump in value.

  • Paul

    I never thought I'd be impressed with a Buick station wagon. Amazing.

  • Ryan E.
    Ryan E.

    Vango's work is insane. Clear to see they're intensely detail focused, you lucked out on finding them!

  • Spontaneous Evolution
    Spontaneous Evolution

    I love seeing Stewart's work. He's a guy with a genuine passion for what he does.

  • adict3

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyler gets Stuart / Vango to make a ITmores channel. I’ll surely subscribe, such a nice and enthusiastic guy. Hats off!

  • Mark Mahoney
    Mark Mahoney

    It’s really great to see how enthusiastic and proud Stewart is of his work! What he did with the Buick is truly impressive.

  • Trevor Taylor
    Trevor Taylor

    The Roadmaster will almost be a keeper in the fleet when it’s finished Hoovie.

  • Exotic Handyman
    Exotic Handyman

    One thing Hoovie excels at is building relationships with people that can get the job he needs done. He pays well for it though. Its great to see what Vango can do.

  • Mike

    Mr. Vango is awesome, so detail-oriented. Wish more people were like this!

  • Brett Henry
    Brett Henry

    What Vango did with the Roadmaster was amazing and the cost I think was super reasonable with all the work that went into the woody trim and of coarse the paint correction

  • marks x5
    marks x5

    WOW im a bodyman and luv what they did with the Roadmaster! This has to be one of my fav. Hoovie videos. Great job Vango team!

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas

    The best piece of advice my Dad gave me about cars - find a great mechanic, great tradespeople, and stick with them through thick and thin. Hoovie's a natural and it shows in the excellent people like Vango and the Wizard.

  • Golf R
    Golf R

    i appreciate the detail vango go into not just some shop trying to get publicity they are genuine!

  • Christian Lee
    Christian Lee

    "Maybe I'll just run and not pay the bill"

  • Sakara123

    You can tell the Vango guys really care about the work they do.