Why I am the WORST Porsche collector in the world! Currently at 5 broken/ruined Porsches...
Hoovies Garage
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  • Hoovies Garage
    Hoovies Garage

    To start comparing quotes and simplify insurance-buying, check out Policygenius:

  • R L
    R L

    So dude has all these classic Porches, sweet house in the Ozarks, and we aren't even mentioning the 70 series Land Cruiser in the background. Dude's living the good life.

  • Obie Sunstreak
    Obie Sunstreak

    Honestly on the beck, just get a prebuilt "freeway flier" transmission from one of the VW performance shops. They come welded, with better gears, and you will enjoy it a LOT more.

  • Tony L
    Tony L

    I couldn't help but hear Clarkson's voice in my head: "His name is Hoovie, and he's the dumbest Porsche collector...IN THE WOORLD.

  • Chasse Gallerie
    Chasse Gallerie

    Sad to hear Apollo's feeling under the weather. As you said, hopefully, it's not the engine. That said, if that orange Porsche was mine, I'd keep it looking the way it is. I got to say, I love those whaletails.

  • justsomeguy

    This Porsche guy is so cool. What an amazing garage and collection

  • Ramon Clements
    Ramon Clements

    You've gotta love the fact that you never really know what Hoovie will feature next in his videos! Such an eclectic mix makes for surprises and good times. Great work and high production value every time--I just wish my own self-deprecating humor could fuel the kind of results you have earned. ;)

  • jonnydwolf

    Leonard seems like a great guy to work with, I’d bring my Porsche’s to him.

  • Vandalorian Vandalorian
    Vandalorian Vandalorian

    Hoovie is like a mini Alan Greenspan. Trying to keep his mini economy going. We have to keep helping him and all those who depend on his crazy car spending with our eyeball “like” taxes.

  • David Raezer
    David Raezer

    I had the same issues with my VW. I went with a Rancho Performance Transaxle. Get the freeway flyer and tell them what you are putting behind it. They can build a transaxle to cope with the torque. I even had them install a Quaife limited slip.

  • christdragon

    I absolutely adore the 928, and get excited every time I see one. I'm glad to see that yours is a manual. The Beck should have a Beetle or any air cooled Porsche engine in it. As a Subaru engine is down right sacrilegious. Thanks.

  • W

    Must admit I like your eclectic Porsche collection. The Beck is beautiful. Appollo 911 is a hoot. The 928 is gorgeous. and the two old fellas are going to be so interesting and fun to drive. So much more interesting than a new GT3 that puts you in jail before a smile hits.

  • Thomas Brungardt
    Thomas Brungardt

    I'm always impressed by Hoovie's patience with projects. When I get an old car I start tearing it apart and working on it immediately until it's done.

  • Patrick Spoon
    Patrick Spoon

    "You know, Hoovie's Garage became such a hardcore wealth channel so gradually I didn't even notice"

  • Jason Salem
    Jason Salem

    Why do i stop everything i'm doing just to watch you? GREAT CONTENT!!

  • steven fisher
    steven fisher

    As a fellow 928 owner, I love that it's the only Porsche in the garage performing up to Stuttgart standards, I'm sure the purist love that.

  • French20cent

    Actually the zipped rear plastic windows were standard on the first Targas, so it would mimick a very rare combination.

  • Mpcoluv

    For the Beck 550, they make a cable shifter that feels better than the mess of mechanical linkage.

  • dumitrescu emil
    dumitrescu emil

    Would love to see the 911 sc back in champagne paint with a stainless targa. In my opinion, the best combo!

  • D1 Euro Imports
    D1 Euro Imports

    Its great seeing our old 1979 911sc being taken care of! Thanks for keeping it "original" Tyler!