Why I HATE the Tesla Model S Plaid, even though it's probably the greatest car ever made.
Hoovies Garage
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  • Hoovies Garage
    Hoovies Garage

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  • GvR927461057374

    That dude is exactly who you expect to pop out one of these plaids. glasses and all

  • Donald Ickes
    Donald Ickes

    I may be in the minority, but I'd take the Taycan over the Model S any day. Of course, easy for me to say when I can't afford either.

  • Wisam A
    Wisam A

    Glad to hear they're stepping up the interior quality, but comparing it to Mercedes seems too soon

  • gamby16a

    Interesting how Video Bob seems like a very cool, genuine dude, even with his whole look, while the Tesla bro is Das ÜberDöuche.

  • Wisdom SP
    Wisdom SP

    Thank you for sharing your time with Video Bob. He's a great guy and creates interesting content. I hope you continue to collaborate with him. Both of you guys are such good people.

  • Jon Mopar
    Jon Mopar

    Having a fast EV is like watching an action movie on mute…

  • Saltiest Salt
    Saltiest Salt

    You definetely can make an argument for this car but man....this guy is the living caricature of a "Tesla Guy" and every negative connotation attached to that word.

  • Andy Dufresne
    Andy Dufresne

    I'm in my forties, and it's the perfect age to be a car guy as the best internal combustion cars ever are being made right now, and I hope to be able to continue to buy gas for them for the next few decades. I don't care if the world forgets about cars altogether after I die as long as I can keep driving them until I do.

  • Peter

    Somehow this just looks totally un-exciting! Love watching launches in stuff like 720s or F8’s, but this is like the quickest thing ever, but with all the emotion removed!

  • R

    As an auto technician, I’ve gone on test drives with customers that have seriously scared the hell out of me. The acceleration of these cars is highly dangerous in my opinion. There’s too many people who will not respect that amount of power and bad things will happen. People just don’t need to accelerate that fast in everyday driving

  • Fairweather Hobbyist
    Fairweather Hobbyist

    For a reboot to get the same feeling it would have to be something that was defunct, in my opinion that leaves something like a Fisker Karma as the most likely Back to the Future car.

  • volvogt21

    Finally a video from Tyler that doesn't involve driving to the mechanic

  • Guybrush Threepnoob
    Guybrush Threepnoob

    I am really not emotional for or against Tesla. They have their advantages.

  • A C
    A C

    Years ago I expected a Tesla model S to replace my Mercedes S class, but the quality is just no comparison. Years after, owners still complain about Tesla QC. Hope one day Tesla could build something like the quality of an EQS.

  • E30M3BMW

    The question to why I don’t want to own a Tesla is perfectly answered in this video. This tool presses all of my buttons. 😂

  • Joshua Noyes
    Joshua Noyes

    LOVE the concept of EV and will happily take one in the far future but it's not feasible at all for me for the foresseabvel future. I make less than 35K a year so they are still WAY too expensive for me. The repair network is still not close enough to where I live. Where I live we get winters where the temp can go below -10F at night so my standard 110AC outdoor plug is not gonna cut it for winter charging, I would have to have an electrician make 2 fast charging stations considering when it snows I park at a different spot in my driveway to be out of the way for the plow driver. Overall EV is still just way too expensive as fuck for a rural working class poor Mainer. Give me my 2017 Fusion with a simple 2.5l non-turbo gas motor anyday for the foreseeable future.

  • Chester Callahan
    Chester Callahan

    Can totally respect the performance of the plaid, while hating everything that Tesla stands for when it comes to right to repair. You think a guy like Elon would understand people want to work on their own vehicles without permission of the overlord.

  • Johan Wejedal Design
    Johan Wejedal Design

    I happen to like to toss my car around tight and twisty roads and as long as even the lightest Tesla (the Model 3) feel too big, heavy and clumsy, there is still room for other kinds of cars.

  • Sparky

    As a daily driver I can see why an EV can be attractive. But not as a toy to have in the garage for weekend fun drives and to enjoy as a driving experience. I want more than just being caught up in pointless 0-60 wars.