Why my broken Audi R8 has DEFEATED the Car Wizard! Send it to the Dealer???
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  • Colin Campbell
    Colin Campbell

    This is the content we want, shitty broken vehicles that ruin Tyler financially

  • Ryan Wills
    Ryan Wills

    This is why I watch this channel. Buys 100000 dollar car proceeds to do donuts. Great to see

  • Bob Winnicki
    Bob Winnicki

    Such a common problem on "tuned" R8s. The ecus have to be opened to be tuned. The sealant used to reseal them fails in about 2 years. If the stock covers are not put back over the ecus, or even with them.... Little moisture in the bay from a car wash or rainy day and poof goes the ecu. New ecu is 2300, recovery and refresh is about 800. Just put it back to stock. Not worth the small gains.

  • Josh

    Swap the ECU position. Then see what happens after you clear the codes. They don't care which position they are in- have the same software on them, just perform differently because the physical wires are in different locations. The W12 is the same, and I resolved an issue on a W12 car by swapping the ECU.

  • dudenamed clem
    dudenamed clem

    If only there was someone in Wichita who recently finished their R8 engine swap that might be able go give Hoovie & Wizard some insight and contacts who could better program the ECM than the dealer...*cough* JR

  • Chris Freemesser
    Chris Freemesser

    I love the fact that every time Hoovie goes to the reception area to pay his bill, the area seems to have gotten nicer and nicer thanks to all the money he hands over to the Wizard

  • zollotech

    Great video. Watch JR Go had someone program his ECU's for his R8. May want to try that guy to reprogram them.

  • waylon murphy
    waylon murphy

    I love the fact you show the bills the price you pay for getting the work done dont hide anything part of why i sub to you keep them coming man


    Nothing better than starting a Friday with a Hoovie video. Thanks, Hoovie!

  • IKhan

    I love how I can live vicariously through Tyler's car adventures and not waste a single dollar of mine.

  • Snick The Boss Official
    Snick The Boss Official

    Yes bring it to the dealership! That would be an entertaining interaction to see what they quote you and what type of service they give you!! Let's see a dealer video for the R8!

  • Tclans

    Doing those donuts put a huge smile on my face.

  • himura357

    I mean, this is the secret sauce to this channel. Everyone wants to know what is wrong with cars you buy at auction, especially sight unseen. Keep those cars coming in.


    I just love how the Viper just looks like an engine with some car around it. Which I know is basically what it is, but you really see it with the hood completely removed.

  • endall39

    Really want to see that Superbird on a dyno. Maybe it makes “all the power”, but I’m betting it doesn’t. Sounds like a guessing contest to me, Hoovie! I’ll put my guess in at 400hp, 475 tq.

  • willjam465

    I think making that old 911 back into a Targa is a great idea. While not as much as one that has not been cut up, it would still be considerably more valuable than in current form I would have to think.

  • Jim Richey
    Jim Richey

    you and wizard have a great dynamic and he's actually more interesting in your videos than his own, not as forced. love the open honest content and the fun both of you seem to have.

  • Oldus Grumpus
    Oldus Grumpus

    Daniel is a good dude. He made sure you guys were ready to film the startup. I think you've found the dude to turn Omega over to when you retire to your yacht in a couple of years, Wizard.

  • Blake Tindle
    Blake Tindle

    Tyler’s neighbors: “Honey, the idiot is doing his annual winter snow donuts again.”

  • cvr24

    Hoovie: I want a house on a cul-de-sac.