Why my RARE (broken) BMW X5 is UNSELLABLE in the CRAZIEST used car market ever!!!
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  • Hoovies Garage
    Hoovies Garage

    Check out EUROasian Bob's first Vinwiki story about the death of salvage yards across America. Please watch and leave a nice comment with his name spelled correctly!


    Thanks to Hoovie and Ed for all they have done for me!


    Tyler doesn't give himself enough credit. This isn't the dumbest automotive channel on youtube..

  • psychotictactoe

    Lets be honest, Hoovie can afford this and we love his adventures with classic wrecks, keep doing it bro!

  • Car Wizard
    Car Wizard

    I have an 8 pound sledgehammer waiting on that thing.

  • john smith
    john smith

    That was actually a pretty cool episode!!! I think Hoovie should do a couple more like that. It's a very interesting used car market right now!!!!

  • Rudie

    The blue Touran has an Irish registration as you can see from the letters "Irl" on the licence plate. The 04 on the license plate means that it was first registered in 2004 and CE means it was registered in county Claire. The 3040 at the end of the number means it the 3040th vehicle or motorcycle registered in that county in 2004.

  • Revolauncher

    These are fun videos. Do this style again if you get the chance.

  • Jason Ross
    Jason Ross

    This should be a series. Watching you go through the auction cars is super entertaining.

  • Tim A
    Tim A

    That Corolla is a gem! And it will probably still be running down the road after the rest of those rigs have been recycled into Kias

  • Paul Lee
    Paul Lee

    The Car Ninja said he could square it away "for around $3k." If that's the case you'd have an easier time selling it for $7k with everything addressed or maybe you could sell it with the understanding that the Car Ninja will do the fix for the new owner. That timing chain issue would worry me the most along with the blue smoke out the back when you accelerate hard.

  • Al Stiffy
    Al Stiffy

    CRV Startup rattle is due to the VTC actuators failing, which control the variable valve timing. Brother’s Honda did that for like 120k miles though, and nothing serious ever came from it. Still ran when he sold it at like 260,000 miles

  • Matthew Greiner
    Matthew Greiner

    Are you telling me that after all these years I’ve been watching Hoovie, he was actually capable of doing a comprehensive inspection BEFORE actually buying the car?? lol

  • Reid Solberg
    Reid Solberg

    Looks like the Alfa might need some new ignition coils and/or plugs with that flashing engine light at high load/high rpm conditions.

  • Hott Puppy
    Hott Puppy

    Make a deal with the Wizard to have a desk in the corner then get the dealer plates.

  • john taylor
    john taylor

    Hey Hoovie hope you see this in time that cr-v is a vtc actuator . The noise sounds bad but according to Honda techs I talk to its pretty harmless. That thing is definitely sellable

  • Sean Coyle
    Sean Coyle

    I just about died when Bob heard $7,500: “You did what?”

  • Top Dead Centre
    Top Dead Centre

    Best hoovie video in ages. Down to earth. Time with friends. Much enjoyed. Keep up the good work Tyler.

  • osgeld

    I love that boxy style of the element, much like the soul , the scion and the 500L, problem is they were out of my budget when they did make them, and now they are out of my range used

  • Robert Hennel
    Robert Hennel

    Tyler, you are the purest form of an ideal capitalist I have ever seen in my entire life. Not only do you see and find incredible chances to turn a buck, but you proactively support every person in that chain to get a chance to succeed and you have a great nose for talented people, hence making your success snowball even bigger and making the entire process perpetual.