Will this $15,000 exhaust system FINALLY FIX my broken Lamborghini Diablo???
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  • John Trussell
    John Trussell

    Stewart is an absolute detailing GOD. This guy always goes above and beyond, I hope you pay him well Hoovie.

  • VDPEFi

    Staggered at the quality of work Vango do, what a beautiful light restoration, a one stop shop for cars like the Bentley is a rare thing indeed, clearly takes huge pride and that's worth a huge amount.

  • Nicholas Vinen
    Nicholas Vinen

    I wouldn't worry too much about that check engine light. I saw you opened the bonnet earlier and you definitely checked that the engine was still there.

  • Traktor Zetor
    Traktor Zetor

    Again amazing job from Stewart at Vango Autospa and his team! Incredible transformation of a car! Full service.

  • Eric Pisch
    Eric Pisch

    Damn that Diablo always looks so fantastic, can’t wait to hear the beautiful sound once it’s deregulated. Of all Tyler’s amazing cars it’s the one I lust after.

  • Ray Rivas
    Ray Rivas

    You can tell Stewart takes pride in his work. Seems like a good guy and good place to go.

  • Robin Dale
    Robin Dale

    "I could hang it on the wall of my new house!" - Hoovie oblivious that HE is paying for that new house!

  • M C
    M C

    Just can't get my head around how beautiful the interior of that Bentley looks. Whoever picked that interior has so much class.

  • Anom Amos
    Anom Amos

    I had a moan like that in one of my vehicles that turned out to be in the Air injection system non return valves. That was quickly and easily fixed by some strategic ball bearing placement.

  • Jeremy Jones
    Jeremy Jones

    Those guys do a great job...that paint looks amazing

  • Ermin Klimenta
    Ermin Klimenta

    Oh my god the Bentley looks amazing.

  • Matt Povah
    Matt Povah

    VANGO is really impressive. I wish we had something like that up here in Canada.

  • WhoDat Matt 44
    WhoDat Matt 44

    The blue paint on the Bentley is insane! Looks incredible after getting buffed out by Vango.

  • motorbiker46

    Stewart really is the MVP. With all of the cool cars in Hoovie's garage (and their original prices) they all still looked quite hooptie.

  • Celician83

    May not be anything really bad with the Bentley, when I was detailing cars there were a few that when cleaning out the engine bay, the check Engine light would come on with a misfire code. It had something to do with one of the electronics getting wet (distributor or coil packs usually), and when it dried out would go away.

  • Tropic Thunder
    Tropic Thunder

    Vango work never dissapoints... all about the details.

  • freakymrq

    After seeing Vango's work I'm tempted to bring my car across three state lines to have them work on my car! Amazing work

  • mike murel
    mike murel

    I love how wizard shops for expensive new stuff when Hoovie shows up!! "I can hang that in my new house🤪"

  • Thru My Eyes Photography
    Thru My Eyes Photography

    I was about to say $15k for an exhaust is nuts (it is...), but that actually looks like it might be worth a good portion of it.. Piece of art!

  • Colin Ritchie
    Colin Ritchie

    That Bentley looks better that it did when it rolled out of the factory in Crewe - what a beautiful car